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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Importance of Liposuction Post-Operative Care

Liposuction in NYC is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure among both men and women. It gets rid of stubborn fat deposits and helps you achieve a well-shaped body. However, as with any surgical procedure, proper post-op care is very important to recover smoothly after liposuction. Many people who have liposuction are unaware about the significance…Read more about Liposuction Post-Operative Care

Thigh Liposuction vs. Thigh Lift – What’s the Difference?

Every woman desires lean, sculpted legs. However, even rigorous diet and exercise often does not work when it comes to shaping up the thighs. Genetics and body structure are other factors that make it difficult to achieve the results you are looking for. Plastic surgery treatments can help you achieve slim, toned, well-shaped thighs. There … Read More about Thigh Liposuction

Is Swelling typical after Chin Liposuction and how long does it last?

Chin liposuction in NYC using laser energy is a safe and effective option to address concerns such as a sagging or double chin, a drooping jaw line, or excess skin below the jaw line. This minimally invasive procedure removes excess fat from the chin and neck and refines the jawline and provides a sculpted, smooth jaw line and neck, and a more youthful-looking facial profile. Read more about Chin Liposuction

Important Things You Should Know about Liposuction Breast Reduction

Many women have overly large breasts that pose considerable physical and/or psychological distress. It also restricts their choice of clothes and affects their social life. Liposuction breast reduction could be the solution to addressing this concern and improving self-confidence.…Read more about Liposuction Breast Reduction


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