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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Recovery from Love Handles Liposuction

Fat deposits generally tend to accumulate on the flanks due to factors such as aging, heredity, pregnancy, and hormonal changes. Known as love handles, these deposits of fat at the waistline are difficult to get rid of through conventional weight loss measures. Liposuction on love handles in NYC can address this aesthetic concern. Performed by skilled plastic surgeons…. Read More about Love Handles Liposuction”

Is It Necessary to Lose Weight before Liposuction?

Stubborn fat pockets mainly occur due to genetics, rather than a poor level of fitness or lack of weight control. People usually carry excess fat in different ways – while men tend to accumulate excess fat on their stomach, women tend to accumulate fat on their hips, thighs, and buttocks. Most people find that it is very difficult…. Read More about Liposuction

Bridal Liposuction – The Most Popular Pre-wedding Procedure

All brides want to look their best on their wedding day and experiment with new skin care regimens and hairstyles. Choosing the wedding gown is one of the most important thing for a bride. To look attractive in their wedding gowns, many brides consider permanent alterations or improvements to their appearance. One main problem that many brides-to-be face is stubborn fat pockets that cannot be addressed with diets…. Read More about Bridal Liposuction

Why Spot Reduction Doesn’t Work and How Liposuction Can Help in This Issue

Diet and strenuous exercises can aid in weight loss and make your body athletic and firm. Even then, extra fat may remain in specific areas of the body, unresponsive to weight loss measures. A healthy diet and exercise program cannot spot reduce certain areas; rather, they provide an overall toning of the body. However, targeted fat removal can be achieved by liposuction NYC and other cosmetic…. Read More about Liposuction


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