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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Non-invasive Procedures vs. Smartlipo – How to Make the Right Choice

Cosmetic surgery has proven to be a great option for men and women who wish to improve certain specific body features or their appearance as a whole. Laser body sculpting using Smartlipo Triplex is opted by many because of its minimally invasive nature and the high definition results it offers. Now non-invasive procedures are also … Read more about Non-invasive Procedures vs. Smartlipo

Learn About the Factors That Impact the Cost of Laser Liposuction

An increasing number of men and women are looking to resolve their stubborn fat deposits with minimally invasive laser liposuction surgery as it offers effective results with negligible side effects and short downtime. The cost of the treatment would vary based on several factors such as your specific needs, technology used, where you get the … Read more about Cost of Laser Liposuction


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