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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Why Handling Secondary Liposuction is More Challenging

Primary liposuction itself needs the skill and expertise of a qualified surgeon specialized in the procedure, and secondary liposuction is always more challenging. Not all individuals get the desired results with the primary procedure and some others complain about imperfections, which is why they may consider a secondary treatment. Established plastic surgery facilities in NYC …Read more about Secondary Liposuction

Fat Grafting Possibilities: Why Fat is Not Always Bad

Men and women often complain about the excess fat pockets in different body areas that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. However, advanced fat grafting procedures provided at Manhattan plastic surgery practices find good use for this excess fat. Fat transfer procedure involves removing fat from body areas where you have it in excess using …Read more about Fat Grafting

Is Smartlipo a Safe Option for Body Contouring?

Smartlipo is one of the most popular body contouring procedures among men and women, and is provided at select plastic surgery practices in NYC. This minimally invasive surgical procedure has an excellent safety profile and satisfaction rate and that is the reason why many prefer it over other methods. However, no cosmetic surgery procedure is …Read more about Smartlipo

How Long Will It Take for the Scars to Disappear after Smartlipo?

Smartlipo procedures for fat reduction may leave scars. However, the appearance of the scars and their intensity are far less compared to traditional methods. However, even these minor scars may cause considerable distress and most liposuction candidates are eager to know when these will disappear. According to leading liposuction surgeons with many years of experience …Read more about Smartlipo

Is Lymphatic Massaging a Medical Necessity after Smartlipo on Thighs?

Smartlipo on areas such as the thighs is a popular procedure among women who want to look younger, more athletic, and attractive with long and shapely thighs. The procedure effectively treats the stubborn, localized pockets of fat that are unresponsive to diet and exercise. Those who don’t prefer surgical options to tone up their thighs …Read more about Lymphatic Massaging

Smartlipo Triplex Liposuction – Am I a Good Candidate?

Minimally-invasive Smartlipo Triplex liposuction is one of the most popular body contouring options for men and women. With the rising demand, many reliable plastic surgery facilities in NYC offer this safe and effective treatment. The procedure uses laser technology to get rid of the stubborn fat pockets from various areas of the body. This FDA-approved …Read more about Smartlipo Triplex Liposuction

Can Smartlipo Body Sculpting Energize Your Weight Loss Efforts?

Can liposuction using Smartlipo energize your weight loss efforts? The answer could be a ‘yes’ but you have to clearly understand how it actually happens. Of course, liposuction is not a solution for weight loss and is a body shaping procedure and the ideal candidate is one who is close to his/her ideal body weight …Read more about Smartlipo Body Sculpting

Significance of Surgical Experience for Optimal Liposuction Outcomes

Liposuction helps men and women achieve their ideal shape when diet and exercise fail to produce the desired results. While minimally-invasive techniques have set new standards for this body contouring procedure, the plastic surgeon’s experience and skills are crucial to achieve good aesthetic outcomes. According to an article published in Cosmetic Surgery Times (CTS), the …Read more about Liposuction

Patient Awareness Crucial to a Safe, Effective Liposuction Experience

With the availability of advanced minimally-invasive techniques, liposuction has become even more popular than ever before. Getting rid of unwanted fat and achieving a well-shaped body has become relatively easy with this body contouring procedure. However, the safety and effectiveness of the treatment also depends to a great extent on patient awareness. Are you the …Read more about Liposuction


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