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Liposuction Breast Reduction – An Effective Solution for Gynecomastia

Abnormal enlargement of male breast tissue or gynecomastia can impair a man’s confidence and affect his quality of life. The swelling of the breast tissue in boys or men is mainly caused due to the imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Genetic traits, intake of certain medications and obesity are other factors that might cause gynecomastia. Losing fat through diet and exercise may help to a certain extent, but undergoing liposuction… Read more about Liposuction Breast Reduction

How Many Sessions Are Usually Required For Laser Liposuction?

Liposuction is the gold standard for removing stubborn, unwanted fat pockets. According the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), liposuction ranked second among the five top procedures in 2017, a 5% increase from 2016. Each year, plastic surgeons who offer liposuction in New York City utilize the possibilities of advanced technologies such as laser-assisted Smartlipo Triplex to help men and women achieve … Read more about Laser Liposuction

Liposuction a Great Option to address “Bra Bulge”

Unwanted body fat can have a negative impact on a woman’s appearance. Extra pockets of fat on body areas such as the arms, thighs, and abdomen can bulge through your clothes and make you self-conscious. This is especially true if you have a bra line bulge – unwanted fat that appears squeezed by your bra straps. A bra bulge is easily noticeable when you wear tank tops or sleeveless blouses. Sadly, this aesthetic concern is difficult to target through diet and exercise … Read more about Liposuction

Which is the Best Place to have Laser Liposuction in New York City?

Smartlipo Laser Liposuction

Liposuction is the best option when it comes to getting rid of stubborn fat and improving body contour. According the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), liposuction ranked second among the five top procedures in 2017, a 5% increase from 2016. Advancements in technology have made minimally-invasive procedures such as laser liposuction in New York City extremely popular. It involves less downtime … Check out this Infographic

Are You a Good Candidate for Neck Liposuction in Manhattan?

Aging, weight gain, and genetics can lead to excess fat accumulating under the chin or a double chin. Neck liposuction in Manhattan performed using advanced laser technology can provide the solution to this concern. The procedure involves removing the excess fat deposits and tightening the skin to result in more well-defined jawline … Read more about Neck Liposuction

Am I a Good Candidate For Liposuction On Thighs?

One of the common concerns many women face is thigh fat. The thighs are an area where fat can easily get accumulated. Walking or running can reduce thigh fat to a certain extent, but when it comes to shaping up the area, even rigorous diet and exercise often does not work. Liposuction on thighs in NYC can safely remove the unwanted fat to result in slimmer … Read more about Liposuction On Thighs

Can Gynecomastia Be Corrected With Exercise?

Gynecomastia or male breast enlargement is characterized by the buildup of deposits of fat, skin, and glandular tissue in the chest area. The condition usually affects adolescent boys, teens, and men due to various varied reasons like hormonal imbalances, heredity factors, and obesity. Liposuction breast reduction is the widely accepted standard treatment for the condition. Nevertheless, many people who are uncertain about having this surgical treatment ask if gynecomastia can be addressed … Read more about Gynecomastia


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