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Can Smartlipo of the Abdomen provide a Flat Belly?

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Smartlipo in NYC is a popular procedure to address excess fat and more and more people are opting to have this body contouring procedure to improve their appearance and self-confidence. Smartlipo Triplex is a minimally invasive, FDA-approved laser liposuction device that uses laser energy to effectively eliminate fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise. The procedure offers efficiency, safety and excellent outcomes. However, patients considering the treatment have a lot of questions for plastic surgeons. On the RealSelf discussion forum, one prospective patient wanted to know whether it is realistic to expect a flat tummy after laser liposuction if your stomach isn’t extremely large to begin with.

Expert surgeons say that to understand Smartlipo’s capabilities, one must understand how body fat presents. Belly fat is categorized as external fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is found between the skin and muscle responds really well to Smartlipo and visceral fat which is below the muscle responds well to diet and exercise. Skilled plastic surgeons recommend that addressing both these types of fat will help patients obtain outstanding result. Of course, despite the capabilities of the technology, the experience and skill of the plastic surgeon is crucial to obtain great results.

When done correctly, Smartlipo can result in a slimmer, smoother look and patients who have good skin quality can expect optimal results. The success of the procedure depends on a number of factors including:

  • Amount and location of abdominal fat
  • History of weight gain and weight loss
  • History of pregnancy
  • Age

After carefully considering all relevant factors and determining patient candidature, plastic surgeons perform laser lipolysis to target the stubborn fat deposits and liquefy them so that they can be easily removed. The Smartlipo procedure also coagulates the tissues and tightens the overlying skin. The abdominal area can be treated with stomach liposuction alone, and/or with a tummy tuck. This laser liposuction system utilizes three powerful laser wavelengths (1440nm, 1320 nm, and 1064 nm) to sculpt the body safely and effectively. The three unique intelligent delivery systems SmartSense™, ThermaView™ and ThermaGuide™ deliver the laser energy in the right proportion and prevent overtreatment.

Some of the features of Smartlipo laser liposuction are:

  • Minimally invasive treatment administered local anesthesia
  • Uniform contouring and effective skin tightening results
  • Surrounding tissues are not damaged
  • Less bruising and discomfort
  • Reduced surgical trauma and minimal downtime
  • Quick recovery time

If you intend to have Smartlipo in NYC, make sure you approach an AAAASF accredited plastic surgery facility for the procedure. Such facilities have experienced plastic surgeons who have expertise in handling Smartlipo Triplex and can provide safe treatment and optimal outcomes.


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