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Get Your Body Back into Shape This Winter Season

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Winter is the perfect time to perform liposuction in NYC, for contouring your body. The cooler, longer days of winter can help you work on your own renewal and transformation before swimsuit season comes back. With new advancements in the plastic surgery field, laser liposuction can be performed using Smartlipo for effective body contouring. Plastic surgeons report that they see more patients for liposuction treatment in the winter season. In fact, there are some specific reasons why liposuction is especially popular in the winter months:

  • Problem areas are more evident: In order to conserve energy, it’s natural for the body to accumulate more fat in the winter season. Intake of rich holiday foods and the body’s tendency to consume more calories may make you gain weight during the cold months. It would be easier for the surgeon to notice your problem areas and see where fat tissue accumulates.
  • Get ample time for recovery: Winter holidays are the best time to perform liposuction because it lets you recover from the procedure without the stress of rushing around the holiday preparations and schedules. It’s very important that you get relaxing, stress-free recovery and plenty of rest time to ensure the success of any plastic surgery. The treatment would require you to take at least a couple of days off from work, because patients recovering from the treatment are required to wear form-fitting compression garments for at least 3 weeks (depending on the patient and treatment). So it’s better to schedule your treatment when offices slow down for the winter holidays. It’s more comfortable during the recovery time and this is why many patients choose to undergo liposuction during the wintertime.
  • Comfortable clothing: People wear heavy clothing during the winter season to keep warm; this layer of clothing will help to conceal the surgical incisions. It will also give the incisions enough time to fade before the summer or beach season. You don’t have to worry about scorching in your compression garment and you can keep your liposuction under wraps with long sweaters until you’re ready to show off your results. These are usually loose-fitting, allowing you to recover in total comfort. Under the cover of winter clothes, liposuction can whisk away those problem spots that don’t respond to exercise, and leave you with smoother contours.
  • Avoid UV exposure: If you are performing the procedure in winter you have very less risk of UV exposure. Sun exposure should be avoided after most surgeries, because UV rays can increase risk of scarring, pigmentation problems and skin sensitivity. Liposuction patients should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun during recovery as excessive exposure to sunlight could damage the results.
  • Allows a secret transformation: If you want a secret transformation, winter is the best time to undergo liposuction. If you get liposuction during the cold months, they are able to heal secretly while winter slowly turns into spring.
  • Staying indoors is expected: After performing traditional liposuction you are expected to stay indoors for some days. Wintertime is the best time to recover from liposuction treatment, as people would prefer to stay indoors in winter.

Apart from traditional liposuction for body contouring, laser liposuction in NYC is the ideal option as it is an advanced minimally invasive procedure that provides optimal results with quick recovery. Choosing this treatment in winter maximizes the benefits. You should also make sure that you perform this procedure in an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility that offers the service of experienced and skilled surgeons.


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