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Liposuction Surgery Devices Market Analysis 2016-2026

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Men and women looking to achieve an attractive body contour are largely considering liposuction procedures to meet their goals. This is mainly when diet and exercise alone fail to address the stubborn fat deposits. The procedure slims and reshapes particular parts of the body by removing surplus fat deposits while improving your body shape and proportion. Considering the liposuction surgery devices market, it is inferred that the market is driven by the increasing number of men and women who want to eliminate excess body fat and maintain proper shape. Advanced technology available at present allows minimally invasive procedures with minimal blood loss, risk, discomfort and speedy recovery. A tremendous advancement in this area is the fat transfer procedure that uses one’s body fat itself as a natural filler to enhance the volume of specific body parts such as the buttocks.

Future Market Insights recently released their report on liposuction surgery devices market volume analysis, size, share and major trends for the period 2016-2026. Here are some key facts.

  • The global liposuction surgery devices market is segmented into different regions such as North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan, Middle East and Africa.
  • The procedure enjoys highest popularity in North America and the UK. More than 400,000 procedures are carried out each year in the United States, which will increase the market for lipo surgery devices in the U.S in the coming years.
  • The device market is segmented on the basis of product type, technology and end user.
    • Product type – Standalone devices, portable devices
    • Technology – Suction assisted, ultrasound assisted, external ultrasound assisted, power assisted, laser assisted, radiofrequency (RF) assisted, water assisted, twin cannula assisted, tumescent, and aspirator devices.
    • End user – Hospitals, ambulatory surgical centers, and cosmetic surgical centers.
  • The liposuction surgery device market is growing steadily. The procedures may involve a few minor complications such as swelling, numbness, bruising and in rare cases, rippled skin. These may hold back the growth of the market to a certain extent.

Key players in the liposuction surgery devices market include Solta Medical, Cynosure Inc., Sciton Inc., Wells Johnson Co, Invasix Ltd, and Zeltiq aesthetics Inc. All of these leading companies have a sizeable market share in the manufacturing of liposuction devices such as Vaser Lipo, Smartlipo, Pro Lipo, BodyTite, CoolSculpt, Liposonix and others.


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