Tips for Smooth Recovery After Facial Liposuction [Infographic]

by | Jun 14, 2021 | Infographics

As people want to improve and rejuvenate their appearance to boost their self-confidence, facial cosmetic surgery has gained popularity in recent years. Facial liposuction in NYC is a popular option that helps men and women achieve a slimmer and more youthful looking facial profile.

Typically caused by weight gain, aging and genetics, facial fat is very difficult to get rid of with just diet and exercise. Laser liposuction is an ideal way to get rid of excess fat from the cheeks, chin and neck and rejuvenate the face. NYC plastic surgeons perform the procedure using the FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation.

As with any plastic surgery procedure, proper pre- and post-op care is critical to recover smoothly after the procedure and obtain optimal results. Many people who have facial laser liposuction are unaware about the significance of proper pre-operative preparation. In this infographic, we discuss how to prepare for smooth recovery after facial liposuction.

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Facial Liposuction

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