Why Many People are Choosing to have Liposuction Treatment in Winter

by | Last updated on May 17, 2023 | Published on Nov 7, 2016 | Liposuction Surgery

Laser liposuction targets, liquefies, and removes excess fat, allowing men and women to achieve a well shaped body. Plastic surgeons in NYC report that they see more patients for liposuction treatment in the winter season. In fact, the season holds many advantages for those considering any type of cosmetic surgery. Like any other cosmetic surgical treatment, liposuction is an elective procedure and people don’t mind waiting to have it at a time that offers maximum benefits:

  • As with any other cosmetic procedure, liposuction patients should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun during recovery. The sun would be lower in the sky during the winter season, helping to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, which could damage the results.
  • While in summer people tend to spend more time outdoors socializing and engaging in sporting activities, they prefer to stay indoors in winter. This makes the winter season the best time to recover from their liposuction treatment. This way, you wouldn’t have to miss out on your favorite activities during summer.
  • During winter, people wear jackets, scarves, coats, gloves, and sweaters to keep warm. This layers of clothing help to conceal the surgical incisions. Getting the procedure in winter gives your incisions enough time to fade before the summer and swimsuit season.
  • The treatment would require you to take time off from the work for at least a couple of days. So the best time to have your procedure would be when offices slow down for the winter holidays.
  • If you plan your treatment well ahead, you can surprise your friends with your new look at the end-of-year celebrations.

Body contouring is the ideal option when diet and exercise fail to work to get rid of excess fat. Advanced minimally invasive techniques such as Smartlipo Triplex laser liposuction provide optimal results with quick recovery. Choosing to have the treatment in winter maximizes the benefits.

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