Winter Is Coming! How To Lose Belly Fat With Smartlipo In NYC

by | Dec 14, 2022 | Abdominal Liposuction/Stomach Liposuction

If you are really concerned about fat pockets in your abdomen area, despite eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, Smartlipo in NYC may be a good choice for you. Most men and women have localized fat deposits in the abdomen/tummy region that are resistant to diet and regular exercise. Several factors such as heredity, aging, weight gain or hormonal changes, as well as stress could cause build-up of tummy fat.

Winter is actually an ideal time of the year to get your abdominal liposuction for many reasons such as –

  • recovery can be more comfortable when it’s cold outside
  • it’s also easier to keep post-op swelling under control when it’s cooler
  • winter clothing is a way to hide healing after liposuction
  • cold weather reduces the chances of sun exposure and helps avoid damaging the results

Make your Summer Body this Winter!

Winter is the time you spend less time outdoors and more time relaxing indoors. Cooler temperatures, and staying indoors and out of the sun will help your body recover faster after the procedure. These are the main reasons to consider scheduling your liposuction procedure in winter.

Minimally-invasive abdominal liposuction in Manhattan, NYC removes subcutaneous fat that lies beneath the skin and on top of the abdominal muscle wall, and simultaneously tightens the overlying skin to provide a tighter, flatter, and well-toned tummy. Male abdomen liposuction in Manhattan can help men get the toned abs that they are unable to achieve even with rigorous workouts. Women desiring a beach-ready body can consider female abdomen liposuction NYC, which provides optimum results.

The right candidate for liposuction is a person with firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone, bothered by stubborn deposits of fat in the abdominal area that do not respond to diet or exercise, and who has realistic expectations about the procedure.

The FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation uses an optimal blend of three laser wavelengths (1440nm, 1320 nm, and 1064 nm) to liquefy the fat cells and tighten the skin simultaneously safely and effectively. Its three intelligent delivery systems SmartSense™, ThermaView™ and ThermaGuide™, deliver the laser energy in the right proportion, achieving the desired body contouring and optimum skin tightening effects.

The recovery after Smartlipo high definition laser liposuction in New York city is much quicker, compared to traditional liposuction. Most patients are back to their normal activities in 24-48 hours. Minor swelling is normal after the procedure. To speed up the recovery process and to get optimal results, follow the surgeon’s instructions diligently. You may be asked to wear a compression garment 24×7 for the first 3 weeks post-op and after that, at night for another 3 weeks. Skilled plastic surgeons perform the procedure on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia.

Having Smartlipo NYC treatment in winter will provide you enough time to recover from the procedure and obtain your final results by the time summer starts.

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