Restore Your Confidence with Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia or breast enlargement in men – the excess localized fat and skin as well as excess glandular tissue development – is a common condition among men that can impair self-confidence and affect their quality of life.

At Park Avenue Smart Lipo™, our plastic surgeons Dr Spero Theodorou and Dr. Christopher T. Chia, provide gynecomastia treatment using the minimally-invasive, laser-assisted Smartlipo Triplex device. The procedure effectively reduces breast size and results in a flatter, firmer, and more masculine chest contour – with little surgical trauma or downtime. This laser liposuction procedure is performed under local anesthesia and recovery is much faster than with traditional liposuction surgery.

Our surgeons provide clinical and surgical training for physicians and their staff on Smartlipo Triplex laser liposuction. They have performed the highest number of successful Smartlipo procedures in the U.S.

To understand what Gynecomastia results will look like, take a look at before and after pictures of patients who underwent gynecomastia treatment at our Manhattan, NYC practice.

These images show results before the procedure (left) and 1 year after the procedure (right).

Gynecomastia - Before & After Photos
Gynecomastia - Before & After Photos
Gynecomastia - Before & After Photos

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