Knee Liposuction in NYC to Improve the Contour of Your Legs

The knee area can be difficult to tone, even with regular exercise and diet. Liposuction procedures can improve the appearance of the legs by contouring the knee overall. At Manhattan, NYC-based Park Avenue Smart Lipo™, we perform knee liposuction that helps to get rid of excess fat behind or on either side of the knees. The procedure contours your knee area, giving your legs a more attractive look. Both men and women can benefit from knee-fat reduction procedure performed at our AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice.

The procedure gives more definition to the:


Knee cap


Front structures of the knee


Lower fibula area



Get the shapely knees that you want!

Knee Laser Liposuction in Manhattan

Skilled in providing advanced liposuction procedures, our plastic surgeons use Smartlipo Triplex™ laser-assisted workstation to remove stubborn deposits of fat in the knee and thigh areas.

This FDA-approved, sophisticated laser modality is powered by MultiPlex technology, a system that combines the benefits of multiple laser wavelengths (1440, 1064 and 1320 nm) into one laser output for attaining superior results.

Using the advanced Smartlipo Triplex

  • Fatty tissues are liquefied and suctioned out effortlessly
  • The loose skin in the knees is tightened for enhanced results

This laser-assisted workstation’s unique patient-friendly features – SmartSense™ with ThermaGuide™ make the procedure extremely safe.

After this laser liposuction for knees, you can see definite results in the form of smooth, firm and shapely knees.

Much Easier and Safer than Traditional Liposuction

  • Patients in our care are administered local anesthesia so that they remain awake and experience only minimal postoperative discomfort, compared to traditional liposuction
  • Since the treatment is minimally invasive, they recover faster and resume work in a few days’ time
  • We ensure that our patients receive outstanding care and treatment

During your initial consultation, our surgeons will check whether you are the right candidate for the procedure and will explain everything you need to know, including the risk factors involved, recovery as well as potential benefits.

To schedule your consultation for knee liposuction in NYC, call 1888-8-NYCSMARTLIPO or send an e-mail to

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