What Our Patients Say about Us!

Dr. Theodorou & Team,

You Have Completely & Totally Changed My Life & My Self Confidence. I’m Eternally Grateful To All Of You For Your Expertise, Kindness & Endless Support.

With All My Love,

L. A

“After searching all over Manhattan for a Doctor who performed SmartLipo I finally met Dr. Spero Theodorou. I knew as soon as I walked through the doors of Park Avenue Smart Lipo that I had found the right place for my procedure. His consultation was exceptionally friendly and informational- quiet different from other doctors I had met with previously.

At the consultation Dr. Theodorou and the patient coordinator, Markella, went through great pains about the safety of the procedure and what results I could expect- they were right! Above all they made me feel completely comfortable about going forward with the procedure. The pristine office space was also a plus and made me feel comfortable that my procedure would be done in a safe environment.

When I went in for liposuction on my tummy and fat transfer to the buttocks, the staff was extremely helpful and kind. The procedure took a little over 3 hours and was minimally invasive. The time I spent recuperating was unbelievably quick and almost pain free, and I couldn’t believe that I was back to work within a week and a half!

Dr Theodorou, Markella, the nurses and the office staff provided excellent follow-up and after care service. They called me a minimum of two times a day while I was recovering at home. They ensured that I had enough prescriptions and that my recovery was moving along in the manner they had expected.

Dr. Theodorou has excellent bedside manner, he takes the time to relax the patient and puts you at ease before the procedure and reassured me that everything was going to be fine. The staff also extended their great treatment to my mother who was with me, also ensuring her that the procedure was minimally invasive and that I would be fine.

Overall, Dr. Theodorou’s work was impeccable! I came out of surgery with minimal scarring, which was a concern of mine because of my darker skin, and I was happily surprised by the quick recovery time. His staff is amazing and they went above and beyond! Having said all of that, I have been back to Dr. Theodorou’s practice for a second procedure- laser hair removal. Once again, I am completely satisfied. After just two visits I am already seeing great improvements!

Dr. Theodorou and his team have truly changed my life and my figure and I get second looks all the time. I will be forever thankful! I would recommend anyone to Park Avenue SmartLipo with highest regards! Thanks Dr. Spero!!!”

C. T.

“I used to feel jealous of my friends who had perfect waists while I was stuck with hideous love handles. However hard I worked out at the gym, I could never get rid of those obstinate fatty deposits. Then I heard of Park Avenue SmartLipo™, scheduled an appointment and the rest is history. I now have a tighter, well-sculpted waistline. Three cheers and a big thank you to the team of plastic surgeons at Park Avenue!”

Melissa Osborne

“Living with gynecomastia made life miserable for me especially because of the frequent stares I got on the streets. Though nervous about the procedure, I decided to try SmartLipo at Park Avenue Smart Lipo™. I was quite impressed by the approachability of the staff and the virtual painlessness of the procedure. Most importantly, I am happy with my flatter, manlier looking chest.”

Mark Stephenson

“I scheduled a consultation with Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ to get rid of my double chin. The plastic surgeon there was quick to put me at ease. What’s more, the incisions were so unbelievably small and the procedure has given me a beautiful chin! I can’t thank you enough!”

Michelle Herbert

“I’ve always eaten healthy and have been pretty active but the only way I could get the abs I wanted was by starving myself to a weight that just seemed unnatural. My gained weight always seemed to go directly to my gut. Although I’ve never been grossly over weight there was always the extra tire and love handles that I didn’t really have love for. I was amazed by how quick and virtually painless smartlipo was. I literally was up and around in less than 24 hours and began seeing results in about 48 hours. Within less than 2 weeks I was parading around the house shirtless every chance I got simply in awe of what I had attained with such minimal pain, stress and recovery time. My body comfort and confidence has risen to a level I’ve never been able to achieve with diet and exercise alone.”


“I would like to thank the entire team of Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ for the wonderful work done on my flanks. I would be most happy to come to you again for correction of any other trouble areas.”

Mark Lawrence

“I badly wanted to get rid of my double chin and was considering getting a SmartLipo done. However, I wanted the procedure to be done only by a professional in the field. I heard about Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ which was a SmartLipo only center with plastic surgeons having specialized experience in laser liposuction. I immediately made up my mind to go there and was impressed not just by the quality of service but also by the final, youthful looking result.”

Pamela Michaels

“A bundle of thanks to the team of plastic surgeons at Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ for giving me leaner and more shapely thighs. I knew from the start that this was the right place to go to because the plastic surgeons there were thoroughly qualified liposuction specialists with a lot of experience in the field. I knew that I would feel safe in their hands and I did.”

Samantha Johnson

“I went to Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ to get rid of the excess fat in my abdominal area. I now have a firmer, more attractive abdomen and feel so good about myself. Thank You Park Avenue!”

Tina Symonds

“There was a lot of fat in my hip and buttock area and this was making it difficult for me to get clothes to suit my figure. The squats and other exercise routines I did didn’t purge the fat in any way. A friend told me about several SmartLipo centers that I could go to but I chose Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ because I felt safer going there considering that it was a certified Smart Lipo training center. I am happy to say that I got myself a well-sculpted hip and a beautiful derriere.”

Suzanne Roberts

“Following the delivery of twins, I was left with sagging, loose skin that I felt terrible about. A SmartLipo session at Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ firmed up my abdomen, leaving behind barely visible scarring and doing wonders for my figure.”

Linda Chapman

“Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ has done for me what years of exercise couldn’t. All that unwanted upper arm fat is gone and my skin feels smoother and tighter. Sleeveless clothes are now an essential part of my wardrobe.”

Catherine Simpson

“After my baby I never did really lost that extra few kilos that seemed to just surround my waist. My thick waist and love handles made me tired and depressed, I couldn’t wear anything properly my stomach just hung over my jeans and made bulges in my dresses. I tried every diet and magical pill I could find I think I did the cabbage soup diet once a month and nothing changed. Worked out at the gym, swam in the pool but nothing seemed to budge. I thought I had reached that plateau that everyone talks about. Then I met my neighbor. After seeing what the Dr T had done for her I knew I had to call him. I am so glad I did. The procedure was virtually painless and I have never giggled so much with a doctor, from the moment I met him I had complete confidence in his ability as he is honest and direct and I knew he honestly cared what was good for my body type and my lifestyle. He genuinely cared about my health before, during and after the procedure. It is not just a fix. This procedure has changed my confidence in myself, the way I carry myself the way I treat myself. I love my body now I wish I had thought to do this a long time ago .for all those women out there who have this problem I highly recommend smartlipo. It is 2 weeks from procedure to walking around in a bikini for the first time in years. You will feel so good about yourself; I can’t wait to wear all my beautiful clothes again.”


“I wanted to get rid of my ghastly love handles at the earliest. I was particularly attracted to the Park Avenue Smart Lipo™ center because it was not one of those spas which offer SmartLipo laser liposuction as one of many services. Here was a place that focused primarily on SmartLipo treatments. I expected professionalism and visibly appealing results and that’s exactly what I got.”

Natalie Bergman

“Before having SmartLipo done at Park Avenue Smart Lipo™, I always avoided going for a swim with my friends. The reason – I would have to take my shirt off, revealing my big and unmanly breasts. Honestly, I wasn’t too worried about going to Park Avenue because it was a certified SmartLipo training center unlike many other SmartLipo centers I’d heard about. Thanks a lot to the group of plastic surgeons at Park Avenue for making my life a whole lot better.”

John Edwards

“Hours of sweating it out at the gym proved futile in getting the surplus fat off my hips. I thought about SmartLipo but was a bit uneasy about going for it. Then, I heard that there were some really good plastic surgeons who specialized primarily in liposuction at Park Avenue Smart Lipo™, and decided to go there. Within a few months of the procedure, my figure was looking much more streamlined and beautiful. Kudos to the Park Avenue team!”

Michelle Robertson

“After my divorce to my husband I decided to invest in myself with a “body touchup”.

I was new to the world of lifts & tucks and did tons of research. I finally put my trust in Dr Chia and was so glad I did. His expert knowledge, attention to my body detail and the quality of my care were amazing.

I recommend Dr. Chia to the world!! He is a gifted body sculpturing artist in his Medical profession.

WOW. I’m in my late forties and I totally look early thirties. I knocked 15yrs off.

The lift I needed to get “back in the game” and 15yrs tucked away to keep me in the game.

Thank you Dr. Chia.!!!”


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