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Am I a Good Candidate for Ankle Liposuction?

Calves and ankles (cankles) are the toughest areas of fat accumulation and it affects overall aesthetics, especially when you wear clothes that expose your lower legs. Cankles occur when fat deposits build up in the calf and ankles and cause swelling. The stubborn fat pockets in these areas just refuse to go by any weight reducing means, because these areas are genetically prone to fat accumulation which is very hard to break. Other factors for the persisting swelling could be obesity… Read more about Ankle Liposuction?

Neck Liposuction – Procedure and Recovery

Excess submental fat and loose sagging skin or a ‘double chin’ is a common aesthetic concern among both men and women. Genetics, age, and weight gain are the main factors that cause the chin and jawline to become full and puffy. Neck fat can be really distressing amidst your efforts to maintain a fresh, youthful face. Neck laser liposuction in NYC is an effective option to address these concerns. In established practices, plastic surgeons perform the procedure using the laser-assisted Smartlipo Triplex … Read more about Neck Liposuction

Facial Liposuction for Women – Frequently Asked Questions

Fat accumulation in various body areas can be addressed through diet or exercise, and if these fail to work, by getting liposuction. But is facial fat treatable with liposuction? The answer is yes. Though liposuction mainly targets unwanted fat in areas such as the abdomen, arms, and thighs, it can also be used for face contouring. More than men, women tend to be more bothered about facial fat. Performed usingadvanced FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplextechnology, facial liposuction for women in NYC canproduce dramatic results … Read more about Facial Liposuction

Gynecomastia Surgery – A Safe Solution for Overdeveloped Male Breasts

The presence of excess fatty and glandular tissue in the male chest area can cause severe breast enlargement – the condition known as gynecomastia. The condition, which can affect adolescent boys, teens, and adult men of any age, occurs due to various reasons like hormonal imbalances, heredity factors, and obesity. Though it may not pose any health issues, the condition can affect a man’s confidence and self-esteem … Read more about Gynecomastia Surgery

Laser Assisted Liposuction Devices Market Analysis 2019-2025

Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that removes stubborn fat from large and small areas, and tightens the skin to result in a slimmer, attractive body. Experienced plastic surgeons in NYC provide customized solutions to help men and women achieve their body contouring goals. … Read more about Laser Liposuction

Myths and Facts about Laser Liposuction

Liposuction is the best way to get rid of stubborn fat that does not respond to even rigorous diet and exercise, and improve body contour. Advances in technologies have made liposuction much safer, faster and effective. For instance, laser liposuction surgery in New York City is a minimally invasive fat reduction treatment performed using the FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation … Read more about Laser Liposuction

Neck Liposuction – Important Post-Operative Instructions

The appearance of neck plays a crucial role in a person’s overall appearance. Excess fat and visible bands in the neck area caused by genetics, aging and weight gain can make you look older than you really are. Exercise and diet can help to some extent, but often fail to provide the desired results. Fortunately, there’s a more effective and long-lasting solution using FDA-approved, laser-assisted device – neck laser liposuction in NYC. This minimally invasive laser liposuction procedure performed … Read more about Neck Liposuction

What Are the Benefits of Abdominal Laser Liposuction?

A popular cosmetic surgical procedure, abdominal liposuction helps men and women of all ages to achieve a trimmer, attractive tummy, when diet and exercises fail to provide the desired results. Factors such as heredity, aging, pregnancy, weight gain or hormonal changes, and stress cause excess fat to accumulate in the abdominal area. Performed using advanced technology, abdomen laser liposuction in Manhattan, NYC … Read more about Laser Liposuction

Role of Liposuction in Fat Transfer to Buttock Procedure

Women seeking natural looking buttock augmentation outcomes can consider fat transfer to buttocks in Manhattan, popularly known as Brazilian Butt Lift surgery (BBL). The main advantage of this technique is that is uses the patient’s own body fat (autologous fat). Leading NYC surgeons perform the procedure using local anesthesia. When performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, the procedure can provide natural looking results with minimal side effects and recovery time … Read more about Fat Transfer

Tips to Prepare for Laser Liposuction on Arms

Liposuction ranked second among the top five cosmetic surgical procedures in 2018, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This cosmetic surgical procedure can address many problem areas, including flabby arms which are extremely difficult to resolve with just diet and exercise. Liposuction provides the solution. Smartlipo arm laser liposuction in New York City is an … Read more about Laser Liposuction


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