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Are You A Good Candidate For Male Abdomen Liposuction In Manhattan?

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Liposuction is the gold standard for body contouring. Fat in the male abdomen is often difficult to remove through just diet and regular exercise. Male abdomen liposuction in Manhattan is an effective treatment men can consider to get the toned abs that they could not achieve even with rigorous workouts. This minimally invasive procedure removes stubborn pockets of fat from abdomen and results in trim, sculpted abdomen.

The procedure is performed using Cynosure’s FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation. The device uses laser technology to liquefy stubborn fat deposits, allowing them to be easily suctioned off. The device combines the power of three laser wavelengths (1440, 1064 and 1320 nm) to remove excess fat and skin from the abdominal area and tighten the muscles. The key benefits of this minimally invasive procedure include reduced treatment time, minimal bruising, bleeding, pain / discomfort and quick recovery.

However, not everyone can undergo the procedure.

The Right Candidate for Male Abdomen Liposuction

Male Abdomen Liposuction

Smartlipo Triplex laser assisted device also comes with three intelligent delivery systems SmartSense™, ThermaView™ and ThermaGuide™, that delivers the laser energy in the right proportion and prevent over treatment. The success of the liposuction procedure mainly depends on various factors such as the amount and location of abdominal fat, history of weight gain and weight loss, and age. Those considering abdominal liposuction in Manhattan, NYC need to be carefully evaluated by an experienced plastic surgeon to ensure that their overall aim of getting a trimmer, well-shaped midsection can be achieved.

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