Body Areas that Respond Well to Liposuction

by | Published on Sep 21, 2015 | Liposuction Surgery

Men and women who adhere to healthy diet and exercise routines may continue to be bothered by stubborn fat deposits in certain areas. Plastic surgeons provide the solution with liposuction, the procedure designed to remove this excess fat, tighten the skin, and improve body contour. Advancements in techniques such as Smartlipo Triplex laser liposuction have made it possible to treat practically almost all areas of the body. While some of the areas respond with great results, others may be even visually transformed.

Most women choose to have the treatment to improve areas such as the abdomen, flanks, hips, outer and inner thighs, and upper arms. The upper arms are likely to get fuller and flabby with age and do not respond well to diet and exercise. Upper arm sculpting involves removing excessive fat and sagging skin, allowing women to confidently wear sleeveless and strapless clothes.

Recent data on cosmetic surgical procedures show that men account for about 15-25 percent of liposuction patients in most practices. The neck and chin area, abdomen, flanks and breasts are common aesthetic concerns among men. Gynecomastia (overly large male breasts) is effectively addressed with liposuction surgery and results in a more masculine appearance.

Aging and weight gain can cause fullness in the neck and make you look heavy and older. The neck area responds very well to liposuction. The procedure can prove transformative for both men and women as a stronger jawline can change the way the face looks. Unlike other areas, even a small amount of fat reduction in this area can make a noticeable improvement in the definition of the face.

Liposuction surgery provides good results for the right candidate – people who are healthy, have good quality skin, a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or less, and one or two areas of the body that can benefit with treatment. It is also important to have realistic expectations – lipo removes localized deposits of fat and is not a weight loss tool.

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