Breast Reduction Surgery – Effective Solution for Gynecomastia

by | Mar 13, 2015 | Gynecomastia /Male Breast Reduction

It’s quite obvious that men struggle with body image just like women do. The rising popularity of cosmetic surgical procedures catering exclusively to the needs of men is testimony to this. One aesthetic issue that causes much concern among many men is gynecomastia or enlargement of the male breast. If unresolved, breast enlargement can negatively affect self-esteem and other aspects of mental and emotional health in men. Male breast reduction surgery can address the problem. ASAPS data shows that breast reduction was one of the top five cosmetic procedures for men in 2013, with 22,638 procedures, an increase of 11% from the previous year. So it’s quite obvious that more and more men are relying on gynecomastia treatment.

Even when men are perfectly healthy, this extra tissue in their breast may be a challenge which cannot be eliminated with dieting and exercise alone. A recent report in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) says that male bodybuilders who have a fit body may also suffer from gynecomastia and that surgery can improve aesthetics as well as patients’ quality of life.

Established plastic surgery facilities use superior techniques such as Cynosure’s Smartlipo Triplex to perform the procedure. This modality combines the power of three laser wavelengths (1440, 1064 and 1320 nm) to rapidly dissolve fat, coagulate tissue, and tighten the surrounding skin. The benefits of laser liposuction to treat oversized male breasts include

  • minimally invasive procedure
  • effective fat removal
  • gentle on surrounding tissues
  • uses local anesthesia, thereby reducing risks
  • Minimal bleeding, bruising, and swelling
  • Fast recovery

With such effective treatment available, men no longer have to live their life with gynecomastia. A plastic surgeon specialized in the procedure can help them achieve a chiseled, flat chest and regain their confidence and self-esteem.

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