“Daddy-Do-Over” – More Men Embracing Body Contouring Procedures

by | Published on Oct 21, 2019 | Laser Liposuction

We now live in an age where cosmetic surgery is becoming normalized, with both men and women wanting to reduce the impact of aging, and look young and energetic. Over the last decade, cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular among men. For instance, more and more men are having male laser liposuction surgery in New York City to get rid of stubborn fat from various parts of the body and achieve a trimmer, masculine physique. The growing popularity of cosmetic surgery is leading men to embrace a set of body contouring treatments or a “Daddy-Do-Over” to boost their confidence and improve their physical appearance.

The “Mommy Makeover”- a plastic surgery combo of liposuction, tummy tuck and a breast lift or augmentation – is a reliable option for women to restore their pre-pregnancy shape. Similarly, men experiencing the effects of “dad bod” also needed a fix. The daddy-do-over is becoming popular among men trying to get an edge at work and on the beach. According to ASPS, more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men in 2018, representing a 29 percent increase since 2000.

Alan Matarasso MD, President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) says, “Even though men don’t go through the same physical changes that women experience during pregnancy and post-pregnancy, but their lifestyle does change, which can impact their appearance. Diet and exercise patterns fluctuate, and they don’t sleep as much. Men notice their body changes due to aging and parenting, and it starts to look completely different in their 30s and 40s. That is the point of a Daddy-Do-Over.” (https://www.plasticsurgery.org).

Men seek plastic surgery is to gain confidence, compete in the workplace, and advance their careers. Similar to a “Mommy Makeover”, a “Daddy- Do-Over” also consists of surgical and non-surgical body contouring and facial procedures. In 2018, more than 200,000 surgical procedures were performed on men, with the highest number being rhinoplasty or a nose job, with more than 52,000 procedures. Eyelid surgery ranked second, followed by liposuction (up 5 percent). Male breast reduction (gynecomastia) ranked number four with more than 24,000 procedures, up 22 percent since 2000, and hair transplantation ranked fifth, up 17 percent since 2017.

Liposuction is a popular option for men and women looking to get rid of unwanted fat and get a well-shaped physique. Apart from traditional liposuction procedures, today, patients can choose from several minimally-invasive options. Male laser liposuction surgery in New York City is a practical option for men those who wanted to get rid of stubborn fat from various parts of the body such as chest, abs and flanks.

Gynecomastia surgery can provide a flatter, firmer and more masculine contour to the chest. Expert plastic surgeons use the minimally invasive, laser-assisted Smartlipo laser liposuction in NYC to perform male breast reduction.

When it came to cosmetic minimally-invasive procedures, the most popular option among men was wrinkle treatment with Botox. Nearly half a million Botox procedures were performed on men last year, and more than 100,000 men had filler injections (male use of fillers has increased by 101 percent since 2000) to reduce the signs of aging, says ASPS.

Experienced plastic surgeons offer Smartlipo laser liposuction in NYC can help men achieve their body contouring goals safely and effectively. If you are looking for a “Daddy-Do-Over”, choose an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility that provides the services of expert surgeons.

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