Do the Results of Laser Liposuction Last Forever?

by | Last updated on May 10, 2023 | Published on Nov 9, 2016 | Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is widely performed among men and women when diet and exercise alone do not help them burn excess body fat and achieve a good body contour. The procedure is performed using FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex that blends safety with efficiency and performs targeted fat reduction. The procedure can address the excess fat in almost all body parts such as the abdomen, breasts, buttocks, love handles, hips, knees, thighs, arms, face, neck, and chin. One should understand that it is not a fast solution for weight loss; the ideal candidates are those who are close to their ideal body weight. Smartlipo laser liposuction procedure is applauded for the excellent results it ensures; however, many people interested in undergoing a lipo procedure are concerned about the longevity of the results.

According to experts, the right candidate can achieve lasting liposuction results when the procedure is performed by the right surgeon using safe and efficient techniques. However, to maintain the results, you have to follow the instructions provided by your plastic surgeon and follow a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet and exercise program. Making some wise diet decisions until complete recovery is important to speed up the recovery process and following a healthy diet along with regular exercise would help you enjoy the results for long.

During the recovery period, avoid processed foods that contain unhealthy Trans fats. Make your diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low-fat sources of protein such as lean meat. Talking about exercise, you can start off with light activities and gradually increase it to the level your body tolerates it. Initially, you can go for light aerobic exercises which can be followed by resistance exercise and later, activities such as cycling. In addition to helping you maintain the treatment results, good exercise and diet can improve your overall health.

How you handle yourself during all three phases – the preparation, procedure and recovery – can play a crucial role in achieving the desired results. For more details, consult the right plastic surgeon specialized in the procedure. A good surgeon would give you proper guidance on how to approach each of these phases and enjoy optimal results.

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