Effective Tips to Manage Opioid Use after Plastic Surgery [Infographic]

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Infographics

Over the recent years, the number of men and women opting to have plastic surgery has increased considerably. One of the major reasons for this rise is the tremendous advancement in plastic surgery that has introduced minimally invasive procedures such as laser liposuction surgery in Manhattan, which involves only minimal pain and discomfort. However, if a patient is undergoing invasive liposuction surgery, pain is inevitable due to the acute tissue manipulation during the procedure. To suppress and cope with this post-operative pain, plastic surgeons prescribe painkillers or opioid medications to their patients. These medications are powerful drugs that control pain, but with longer use or overuse, opioids can lead to opioid addiction with disastrous consequences. Even if physicians prescribe opioids as pain medications, it’s very important to make patients understand the risks of its overuse.

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