Is It Possible To Use Fat From The Stomach For Butt Enhancement?

by | Published on Sep 23, 2022 | Buttocks Liposuction

Full and shapely buttocks are considered a desirable attribute by most people. When diet and exercise fail to provide the desired results, fat transfer to buttocks in Manhattan is an ideal way to achieve your aesthetic goals. Also known as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), the procedure provides more natural looking results than implants and comes with minimal side effects and fast recovery.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

BBL is a minimally-invasive procedure that involves two components: liposuction to remove excess fat from areas where it is available in abundance and injection of the extracted fat into the buttocks to enhance size and shape. While this fat can be removed from the flanks, thighs and hips, the abdominal area is a popular option among patients. In fact, BBL 360 or Brazilian Butt Lift 360 is the combination of fat transfer to the buttocks and abdomen liposuction.

In BBL360, the surgeon harvests fat from the abdomen through liposuction, purifies it, and injects it into the buttocks to achieve the desired enhancement. In leading plastic surgery centers, surgeons use advanced minimally invasive liposuction modalities such as SmartLipo Triplex, VASERlipo and BodyTite to extract the fat.

Let’s see why the abdominal area is a popular donor site for BBL and the other benefits of fat transfer to the buttocks.

Benefits of Using Fat from the Stomach

1)  Tightens the abdomen

The abdomen is an area with thick layers of fat, making it an ideal donor site for BBL. When excess fat is extracted and transferred to the buttocks, it will improve the appearance of the posterior and also trim the waistline, thereby improving lower body contour.

2)  Safe and quick

When compared to buttock augmentation using implants, BBL using local anesthesia is quick and safe. The surgeons are using the patient’s own fat for this procedure. Once the excess fat is removed from the stomach and other parts of the body, they will purify and transfer into a number of syringes. This fat is then injected into the buttocks. Multiple injections into the right sites and depths would help to spread the fat cells evenly throughout the area for the smooth appearance. The procedure is performed on an outpatient procedure and would take only a few hours to complete.

3)  Natural looking Results

Using the patient’s own fat provides more natural looking outcomes than artificial implants. Expert surgeons will use the best fat layering technique to maximize result.

4)   Minimal side effects

The most common side effects after the procedure are swelling and bruising, which will subside within a few days after the procedure. Final result will appear after the swelling and bruising subside.

Another side effect of this procedure might be scarring. The scars might occur in the area of liposuction where an incision is made for entering cannula for removing excess fat. As these incisions are small, scarring is minimal.

Benefits of Fat transfer to Buttocks

The benefits of fat transfer to buttocks or Brazilian Butt Lift include:

  • As the procedure uses the patient’s own fat, results look and feel natural
  • Minimal to no appearance of scars
  • Trims waistline and improves lower body contour.

If you are considering fat transfer to buttocks in Manhattan, choose a plastic surgeon with extensive experience in performing the procedure.

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