Is Smartlipo Procedure a Weight Loss Program?

by | Published on Jun 30, 2017 | SmartLipo Triplex

Smartlipo in NYC, performed in an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery facility will help men and women to get rid of unwanted stubborn fat in their body. This laser liposuction is a minimally invasive body contouring procedure that uses the FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation. This procedure helps you to achieve a toned and attractive appearance. A most frequently asked question about this procedure is whether Smartlipo is a substitute for weight loss programs. Expert surgeons using this technology make it clear that it’s not a weight loss procedure; in fact, you need to be near your ideal weight and not obese if this procedure is to be successful. This lipo procedure will remove extra body fat that doesn’t yield to diet or exercise.

There is indeed a misconception that Smartlipo laser body sculpting can get rid of your excess weight and is an effective substitute for weight loss programs. However, it is important to understand that the procedure is just for body contouring. There is a limit to the amount of fat that can be removed at a time. There are certain guidelines that suggest safe fat removal limits based on a patient’s body weight. An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to answer your question regarding how much fat can be safely removed and what you’ll look like after the surgery.

Before proceeding with any cosmetic body contouring surgery, you should reach your ideal BMI. This can help you in achieving great improvement in your surgical outcome. Smartlipo laser liposuction is to treat localized fat deposits in areas that defy all your strenuous diet and exercises. The workstation, Smartlipo Triplex used in NYC plastic surgery practices, utilizes three powerful laser wavelengths to liquefy the fat before extraction. This state-of-the-art treatment also helps in coagulating tissues and tightening the skin for smooth, seamless results. The skin temperature is monitored with the help of intelligent delivery systems, thereby minimizing the risks of overtreatment.

In proper hands, with proper removal of fat, your body contour can change dramatically and be much more attractive. Go to an experienced plastic surgeon for Smartlipo in NYC, so that the surgeon can provide you the best option for your own unique case that will ensure optimal outcome.

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