Laser Liposuction – An Effective Way to Shape up the Calves

by | Published on Mar 9, 2016 | Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is the most popular body sculpting option among men and women in the U.S. In cities like Manhattan, there are surgical practices dedicated to providing a variety of procedures using the safe, advanced SmartLipo laser technology. One of its greatest benefits is that it is more precise and provides superior results for shaping delicate areas such as the calves and ankles. The curvy anatomy of the region makes laser lipo especially suitable for this. Of course, only a plastic surgeon with expertise in the technique can provide an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

The calves and ankles are delicate, difficult-to-treat areas but the Smartlipo device is specifically designed to treat such areas. It features a laser attached to a minimally-invasive cannula and uses low-energy waves to target and quickly liquefy the fat. The liquefied fat can be then easily removed through the small cannula. The SmartLipo Triplex workstation features three lasers for greater efficiency. The reason why it is the ideal option for calf and ankle liposuction is that it removes the excess fat without harming the vital structures such as blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics.

Obesity, water retention, hereditary predisposition, and edema during pregnancy are all factors that can cause cankles. Women with heavy legs and cankles often find it difficult to wear knee-high boots. Reports indicate that calf-reduction surgery is popular among women who want to wear fashionable knee-high boots. Liposuction helps to get rid of ‘boot bulge’ as it slims the legs from the knee down. Ankle liposuction is the ideal way to resolve troublesome cankles and look confident in the footwear of your choice.

Even when the technique is gentle on the essential structures of the ankle and calf region, any surgical procedure can be challenging when it comes to treating a typically narrow region. Only qualified plastic surgeon with expertise in performing SmartLipo laser liposuction procedures can provide high-quality results. So do your research well to find the right liposuction surgeon in Manhattan for your calf lipo treatment.

A good surgeon would always perform a comprehensive evaluation to know if you are the right candidate for the procedure. He will conduct relevant exams before the procedure and take preventive measures to avoid the possibility of any adverse effects. An article in Cosmetic Surgery Times featured an expert’s view on the possible adverse consequences that surgeons need to be wary about. The expert cautions that laser liposuction or any surgical liposuction surgery should not be performed in “patients with less than 8 mm of fat in the calf and ankle region as it can damage delicate blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics in the area”. It is crucial that the surgeon has an in-depth knowledge of the local anatomy and performs all the necessary precautionary measures before liposuction treatment of the ankle and calf.

Fat transfer, which involves removing fat from one area and using it to enhancing another area of your body, also plays an important role in calf aesthetics. According to a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, fat grafting for correction of slender calves are a viable alternative to traditional implant-based calf augmentation.

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