Lose Fat with Laser Liposuction in NYC

by | Published on Sep 19, 2016 | Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure available now to remove fat that defies traditional weight loss measures. Only a few people spend time thinking of the kinds of fat – to most of us, fat is just fat. Having a fat and bulky body can make you feel unattractive and this may persuade you to take up a weight loss plan involving strenuous exercise and diet. Laser liposuction in NYC is provided at select plastic surgery centers by experienced plastic surgeons.

Doctors know that there are different types of fat and that each requires a different treatment plan to get rid of it. What are the different kinds of body fat?

  • Fibrous Fat: This type of fat is dense and difficult to treat and is usually found on the upper back. However, energy-assisted liposuction can help address this aesthetic concern. Thus fibrous fat can be removed using power-assisted, laser-assisted or ultrasound-assisted liposuction. The energy source helps in breaking down the dense fibrous connections and releasing the fatty tissues.
  • Visceral Fat: Visceral fat is also a dense type of fat that is usually situated in the abdominal area, below the muscles and also near internal organs like the heart and intestine. Having more visceral fat can lead to severe blood pressure and cause other health issues, so it is important to lose visceral fat for healthy living. This type of fat can be destroyed only through diet and exercise.
  • Fluffy Fat: This type of fat is usually found under the skin and is not very dense. It is usually found in the abdomen near the outer thighs. This fat is very soft and jiggly and can be removed easily using laser liposuction. The laser is applied on the targeted area and the liquefied fat can be easily removed.
  • Cellulite: This type of fat is found in tiny dimple compartments. Fibrous bands of tissue attach to the skin, creating pockets that contain fat. The attachments pull on the surface of the skin, creating a dimpled appearance. Cellulite can be effectively treated using liposuction with laser. This procedure breaks down the fibrous bands and also destroys the fat.

Expert plastic surgeons provide laser liposuction in NYC that helps in contouring the body by removing fat carefully. Scarring and pain are minimal. It provides a better body proportion and removes stubborn fat bulges. Individuals who are near their ideal weight can undergo this procedure and attain a well-toned body.

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