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Gynecomastia Surgery – Understand the Post-op Routine

Gynecomastia surgery or male breast reduction addresses oversized male breasts. The procedure involves removes excess fat and glandular tissue, reducing the size and shape of the breasts to result in a more masculine physique.  This procedure can provide a long-lasting solution to man boobs.  Leading plastic surgery practices offering … Read more about Gynecomastia Surgery

Important Things You Should Know about Knee Liposuction

Factors such as aging, hormonal changes especially during pregnancy and weight gain cause fat to build up around the knees. The procedure involves removing stubborn fat on either side of the knees or behind the knees. Knee liposuction provides more definition to the knee cap, the front structures of the knee, the lower fibula area, and the calves. The procedure is typically done in conjunction with inner and outer… Read more about Knee Liposuction

Trimming Your Abdomen Fat with Laser Liposuction

Women of all ages are mindful about their physical appearance and one major concern many have is belly fat. Fitness experts recommend many types of exercises to address the issue, but sometimes, no matter how much you exercise or diet, the condition may not resolve. Cosmetic surgery could be the solution in such situations. Female abdomen laser liposuction in NYC using the Smartlipo … Read more about Laser Liposuction

Body Sculpting For Men: Are You An Ideal Male Candidate?

Men take pride in their appearance just as much as women do, and want to look as good as possible and maintain a youthful and healthy physique as they age. However, there is a limit to which diet and exercise can sculpt the body, and some extra pockets of fat are left behind. The good news is that this unwanted fat can be removed through cosmetic treatments such as laser liposuction. Leading plastic surgery facilities provide body sculpting for men in Manhattan and tailor the treatments to meet individual goals… Read more about Body Sculpting

Frequently Asked Questions on Chin Liposuction

Double chin and a drooping jaw line are major beauty concerns many women and men have. To improve the definition of the jaw line and neck and to tighten the skin, chin liposuction in NYC is an ideal option to consider. NYC plastic surgeons perform the procedure using the minimally invasive Smartlipo Triplex workstation. Compared to conventional procedures, this minimally invasive procedure removes excess fat and also tightens the skin with less downtime and faster recovery, resulting in a more youthful-looking facial appearance. … Read more about Chin Liposuction

Things to Know about Getting Liposuction Treatment before a Big Event

Everyone wants to shape up and look their best if there’s a big event or celebration coming up. While diet and exercise is the best way to reach your ideal weight, these natural measures may not work when it comes to fat deposits in specific areas such as the abdomen, waist, thighs, etc. Liposuction can remove this stubborn fat safely and effectively. Plastic surgery facilities offering Read more about Liposuction Treatment

Resolve Overly Large Breasts with Liposuction Breast Reduction

Oversized breasts can cause physical discomfort and also emotional trauma. Large breasts place a heavy weight on the chest wall and restrict regular activities by leading to back, shoulder and neck pain, poor posture, bra-strap shoulder indentations, and chafing or rashes. Breast reduction surgery can resolve this concern. Liposuction breast reduction in Manhattan is minimally-invasive procedure performed using the FDA approved Smartlipo Triplex … Read more about Liposuction Breast Reduction

Liposuction: Benefits of Getting the Procedure in the Spring

If you struggling with unwanted fat in areas such as arms, thighs, and abdomen, liposuction in New York City is the perfect solution to address the problem permanently. Liposuction is the most widely demanded cosmetic surgical procedures today. When is the best time to have this body contouring treatment? Performed using minimally-invasive Smartlipo technology, laser lipolysis offers many benefits in terms of healing and recovery… Read more about Liposuction

Male Liposuction vs Abdominal Etching

Stubborn, unwanted fat is a major aesthetic problem among many people. You may eat right, exercise regularly, and lead a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes that last bit of fat simply will not go away. In such situations, liposuction is a life-saver. Performed using minimally-invasive laser technology, liposuction in NYC can get rid of unwanted fat and help you achieve a trimmer, well-shaped body. Today, like women, men are also turning to plastic surgery… Read more about Male Liposuction


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