Plastic Surgery Numbers on the Rise

by | Last updated on May 18, 2023 | Published on Apr 3, 2014 | Liposuction Surgery

With the latest advancements, it is not surprising that the number of people choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery continues to rise. The latest statistics from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) shows an impressive double-digit rise in all the cosmetic procedures held in 2013.

A total of 50,122 cosmetic procedures were performed in 2013 – a rise of 17% on the previous year and not even a single procedure showed a decrease in popularity. Women underwent 90.5% (45,365 procedures) of the treatment, while 4,757 procedures were done for men, an increase of 16% on 2012. Breast enhancements were the most popular procedures in women, while nose jobs were the cosmetic surgery of choice for men.

The biggest boom was in the popularity of liposuction – up by 41%. 4,236 liposuction procedures were held. Women are increasingly turning to liposuction, as the procedure increased by an impressive 43%, increasing in popularity among females to the 6th place from 8th place in 2012. Men underwent 554 procedures – 28%.

The top 10 procedures highlighted in the statistics are:

  • Breast augmentation up 13% to 11,135
  • Eyelid surgery up 14% to 7,808
  • Face and neck lifts up 13% to 6,380
  • Breast reduction up 12.5% to 5,476
  • Nose jobs up 17% to 4,878
  • Liposuction up 41% to 4,326
  • Tummy tucks up 16% to 3,466
  • Fat transfer operations up 14.5% to 3,302
  • Brow lifts up 17% to 2,138
  • Ear corrections up 14% to 1,213

The continued double-digit rise of cosmetic surgery underlines the fact that whether it is breast augmentation or anti-ageing procedures such as face-lift, the public prefers proven surgical methods rather than the magical-sounding quick fixes that fail to deliver promised results.

Not only in the U.K, the popularity of plastic surgery is rising in the U.S as well. Celebrity inspired plastic surgery procedures are also on the rise. It is no longer strange to see patients visiting a surgeon’s office armed with a photograph of their favorite celebrity. An instance would be the case of nineteen-year-old Sha who opted for lipo, breast and lip implants in an attempt to resemble Pamela Anderson or that of Miki Jay, a U.K. mother of three who underwent procedures on the nose, chin and cheeks to look like Michael Jackson.

Innovative technologies such as Smartlipo Triplex for liposuction, Fractora for skin rejuvenation and VASERshape for cellulite reduction have made it easy for individuals to achieve their cosmetic goals without the pain and downtime involved in traditional surgical methods. Reliable plastic surgeons also use 3D imaging techniques to help patients view the surgery results during the consultation time itself.

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