Preserving Your Liposuction Results during the Thanksgiving Holidays

by | Published on Oct 16, 2023 | Laser Liposuction

Many men and women are opting to get laser liposuction surgery in Manhattan to get rid of stubborn fat and achieve a trimmer, well-shaped body. However, you will need to make certain lifestyle adjustments if you want to keep your results. Maintaining a steady, healthy weight takes commitment and can be challenging. Thanksgiving is the time when we indulge in high-calorie foods. However, if you have had liposuction, all that holiday feasting can reverse your outcomes if you gain weight. On the other hand, eating mindfully and following a healthy lifestyle can help you retain your newly acquired body contour.

How to Retain Your Liposuction Results

Here are some tips on how to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast while preventing weight gain to retain your liposuction results.

  • Work out every day: Exercise, whether it’s a gym circuit, a morning run, or a fast stroll, can burn calories. Take a walk early in the morning as well as after dinner. Outdoor activities and games like football can overcome lethargy and support your efforts to maintain your weight.
  • Have breakfast: Although delaying eating until the main meal to conserve calories may seem sensible, experts say that having breakfast can help you better manage your hunger. Have a substantial, high-protein breakfast to start your day, like an omelet, Greek yogurt with berries, or high-protein oatmeal. This will keep you full and limit overeating.
  • Include healthy options in the festive spread: Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving for the family or contributing a dish, aim to prepare meals with lower calories, fat, and sugar. There are numerous ways to significantly enhance the healthiness of your Thanksgiving spread, offering a limited but healthier selection of options for a wholesome meal.
  • Eat selectively: Thanksgiving tables abound with delicious, cherished family classics that never disappoint. Before indulging, survey the buffet and take a moment to identify your must-haves. Opt for sensible portions of those favorites, avoiding unnecessary calories on year-round items. To truly relish those once-a-year holiday dishes, serve yourself smaller portions. Limit yourself to one dessert instead of all five if you choose to indulge.
  • Eat slowly: As you finish your last bite, take your time rather than reaching for seconds right away. Chew everything well, put down your fork between bites, sip water many times, engage in conversation with others around you, and let your food a few minutes to settle. This strategy works really well! Many people will eat their first round of food quickly in order to move on to the next, depriving their bodies of the time they need to process it and transmit signals to the brain that indicate fullness.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol: Alcohol is high in calories and can add on the pounds. Drinking alcohol also makes you eat more. Wine or a wine spritzer is a safer option as it is lower in calories than other beverages.

This time of year is actually about family, friends, and appreciating what you have, even though food is an important part of the celebrations. So enjoy yourself and cherish every moment with your loved ones.

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Weight gain following laser liposuction surgery in Manhattan is possible. It’s important to stay diligent and work with your physician to develop a plan to avoid weight gain after the treatment. This will allow you to retain the preserve the outcomes of your body contouring procedure.

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