SmartLipo Triplex Liposuction – Get Rid of Those Last Few Pounds

by | Jan 13, 2016 | SmartLipo Triplex

Losing those last few pounds despite all their diet and exercise efforts is one of the most worrying of aesthetic concerns among men and women. Rigorous dieting and exercise may help you shed some pounds and you may successfully reach your ideal body weight. However, most people find that localized deposits of fat in areas such as the abdomen, hips, upper arms, flanks and thighs cannot be resolved even with these measures. If you are close to your ideal weight but find that diet and exercise failed to help you achieve your specific body contouring goals, you could benefit from liposuction treatment. Laser liposuction using Smartlipo Triplex is designed to target those troublesome spots and can help you to get rid of those last few pounds and achieve the shape you desire.

This assisted laser workstation utilizes three wavelengths – 1064 nm, 1320 nm, and 1440 nm – to contour the body. The plastic surgeon can blend the 1064 nm and 1440 nm wavelengths to effortlessly disrupt fatty tissue with less patient downtime. Blending the 1064 nm and 1320 nm wavelengths enables tissue coagulation and minimizes bleeding.

Laser liposuction can precisely target and melt stubborn fat, contour the body and tighten the skin. The intelligent delivery systems, SmartSense, ThermaGuide and ThermaView, help prevent overtreatment. Smartlipo Triplex technology helps you to get the body of your dreams and comes with many benefits:

  • Tissue retraction through soft tissue coagulation
  • Reliable, controlled energy delivery to prevent overtreatment
  • Reduced liposuction procedure time and patient downtime
  • Less bleeding and bruising than traditional liposuction
  • High-definition body sculpting capabilities

The procedure can address the excess fat in almost all areas such as abdomen, buttocks, love handles, saddle bags, hips, back, knees, inner thighs, outer thighs, upper arms, face, neck and chin. This minimally invasive procedure can help you achieve your body contouring goals under local anesthesia, in minimal downtime and with reduced surgical trauma. However, it is important to understand that this is not a weight loss treatment – it can only help you lose stubborn, localized deposits of fat. Moreover, following a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise after your laser liposuction surgery is necessary to maintain the results.

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