What to Consider Before and After Having Neck Liposuction Surgery

by | Jan 30, 2015 | Neck Liposuction

Surplus fat in the neck area can have a negative impact on your appearance and physical appeal. Even tedious exercise and diet patterns may not succeed in getting rid of the fat in your neck area. Neck liposuction surgery using advanced and minimally invasive techniques such as Smartlipo Triplex can help to get rid of this excess fat and contour the neck. You would benefit from a natural, slender and sleek-looking neck.

As in all surgical procedures, following the surgeon’s pre-operative and post operative instructions strictly is important with regard to the results achieved. Let us first consider some of the common pre-operative instructions.

  • Medications that affect bleeding and smooth treatment should be avoided at least one week before the treatment.
  • Avoid the use of tobacco and alcohol at least two weeks before and after the treatment to speed up wound healing and to avoid complications.
  • Keep your home ready for your post-operative recovery before the day of the surgery. Keep in place all necessary things including the post-operative care materials and medications.
  • Do not eat or drink after midnight before the day of the surgery.
  • Avoid jewelry and makeup on the day of the surgery and wear comfortable garments.

The chin dressing must be kept dry and in place for one day following your neck liposuction surgery. Before the suture removal, you can take a shower and take the necessary pain medications. All medications as directed by the surgeon should be taken on time. Start off your food with liquids, then gradually have soft food and return to regular food by the time your body tolerates it. Complete rest is advised on the first day of the surgery. The head of the bed has to be elevated or use two to three pillows for one week after surgery while sleeping or lying down. Avoid bending and lifting that causes strain to the area for the first few days.

You may be able to return to work within a week, or even within a few days but see that you wear a compression band for some more weeks so that your neck stays firmly shaped.

The most important of all is to find a good surgeon for neck liposuction. He can guide you properly with dos and don’ts before and after the surgery to ensure a pleasing treatment experience. A healthy lifestyle with proper food and regular exercise must be followed to experience long term results.

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