What Makes Gynecomastia Treatment in NYC Stand Out?

by | Published on Mar 20, 2024 | Gynecomastia /Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia can be challenging to live with. Physically, it can cause discomfort, pain, and limited mobility, as well as problems finding the right clothes. Men with gynecomastia may also experience emotional distress, self-consciousness, and body image issues. They may shy away from baring their chest in public, keeping them from enjoying summertime activities and water sports. Today, gynecomastia treatment in NYC has emerged as an effective solution when lifestyle changes prove ineffective to address the condition.

Regain your confidence with a firmer, flatter, and manlier chest with gynecomastia treatment in NYC.

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How is Gynecomastia Treatment Performed in NYC?

Gynecomastia is male breast enlargement caused by the buildup of dense, fibrous breast tissue. Gynecomastia treatment involves removing the excess skin and breast tissue. Manhattan based plastic surgeons perform male breast reduction procedures using Smartlipo Triplex technology. The procedure involves delivering laser energy through small incisions in the skin to remove the excess tissue and fat, and tighten the skin. A skilled liposuction surgeon can reshapes the chest to provide a more masculine appearance.

This minimally-invasive Smartlipo laser liposuction procedure can be performed using local anesthesia. The Smartlipo device combines three laser wavelengths 1440, 1064, and 1320 nm, effectively liquefying the fat and coagulating the tissue. The liquefied fat is gently suctioned off and the skin tightened to result in a more well-defined, manly chest.

Reasons Why Gynecomastia is a Popular Treatment

  • Reshapes and enhances chest contour: The accumulation of fat and glandular mass beneath the areolar region can lead to an irregular body shape in men. Removing the extra fat and breast tissue results in more defined and toned chest. You can wear close-fitted clothing confidently and feel more self-assured in various social settings.
  • Boost confidence: Gynecomastia often results in breast tissue similar to that women have and affects posture. This can lead to body image problems, causing social anxiety and making it challenging to go to the gym, the pool, or play games where the chest is exposed. While diet and exercise can be helpful, they are not a complete treatment for gynecomastia. Performed by a skilled surgeon, liposuction can help you achieve the desired results. Following diagnosis, getting timely treatment enables most men to better handle the psychological and physical implications of gynecomastia.
  • Participate confidently in physical activities: Men who have gynecomastia may find it particularly challenging to stick to an exercise regimen due to the discomfort or difficulties associated with having excess fat on the chest. It can make running and vigorous exercises especially difficult to perform. Camouflaging the problem by wearing thicker fabrics or several layers of clothing is not possible when you are exercising. Many men are too self-conscious to enjoy sports that require them to expose their chest, like swimming or working out in a gym. Gynecomastia treatment boosts your self-esteem, enabling you to perform your favorite activities.
  • Enhances your posture: Due to excess chest fat, men with gynecomastia often have bad posture, which can cause a permanent “hump” to form in their spine. By resulting in a flatter chest, male breast reduction surgery will help your posture and relieve some of the tension on your back.
  • Reduces Back Pain: Gynecomastia can cause persistent back pain. Men whose back muscles aren’t strong enough to support the extra weight they are carrying about in their chests will find this to be especially true. The severity of gynecomastia and bad posture can determine whether or not this spinal pain radiates to the buttocks and low back. Gynecomastia treatment may help relieve the pressure on your spine and ease back pain.

Do you want to know how to prepare for breast reduction surgery? Read our blog post: How to Prepare for Gynecomastia Treatment in Manhattan

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By removing extra skin and breast tissue, Gynecomastia treatment in NYC helps you achieve a more well-defined chest. For customized treatment, approach an AAAASF-accredited practice with surgeons with extensive expertise in the field.

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