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Orly Morini

5 out of 5 rating December, 2022

Very nice and friendly staff. Dr. Chia is wonderful.

Raquel Urena

5 out of 5 rating December, 2022

The staff and doctors are very professional. Dr. S Theodorou answers your questions and gives you the best options as to what, he is able to work with, according to your BMI. Highly recommend this place!

Chichi Walsh

5 out of 5 rating November, 2022

Excellent, very professional and knowledgeable.

John P

5 out of 5 rating November, 2022

I hold Team Body Sculpt and Dr. Chia in the highest regard. Patient and thoughtful, incredibly diligent and kind throughout their professional care. I could not recommend them more sincerely.

Katerina Davidova

5 out of 5 rating October, 2022

Amazing doctor and staff

Shelley Shelley

5 out of 5 rating October, 2022

The staff and doctor were very nice. It’s definitely a place I would recommend.

Sean Cook

5 out of 5 rating October, 2022

Dr. Chia and the whole staff at Park Avenue Smart Lipo are actually family (not really), but they definitely make you feel that way. I’ve gone to them for over 10 years and can’t say enough all of them. Especially Dr. Chia . He is one of the most kind , non quack like physician. He won’t do things if it’s unnecessary and you look and feel fantastic. I plan on seeing them the rest of my life.

If you’re looking for the best look no further!! ♥️♥️

Jessica DeVore

5 out of 5 rating May, 2022

This is hands down the best place to go for all your cosmetic surgery needs!!! Dr Chia is amazing!!!

Prep N Set

5 out of 5 rating May, 2022

Went for consultation. The surgeon and staff were friendly and helpful.

Corey Gelman

5 out of 5 rating April, 2022

Very professional, amazing doctor and staff.

Jaime Jackson

5 out of 5 rating November 19, 2021

Dr. Chia was more than I could have ever hoped for.

Natalia Rosenberg

5 out of 5 rating October 1, 2021

The best people!!!

Hector Torres

5 out of 5 rating September 27, 2021

I was very pleased with speaking to Dr Chia. He was very respectful and a pleasant to speak with during our meeting. I am looking forward to seeing him again soon.

Kimberly salkin

5 out of 5 rating September 24, 2021

Very polite and professional , Doctor Chia gave me his honest opinion based on his evaluation and my concerns. He was very attentive and listened to what I was insecure about. He did not push for invasive procedures to reach my goals. Highly recommend him.

Kahlima Collins

5 out of 5 rating September 22, 2021

I absolutely luv Dr. Chia. I would recommend him to anyone. Everyone in the office is nice and accommodating.

Lisa Turner

3 out of 5 rating September 15, 2021

My appt.was for 1:45 pm. I was 5 minutes early. I waited 45 minutes to see the Dr..way to long. However, I didn't feel rushed with consultation.. and I'm almost sure Im going to let Dr. C. Chia perform surgery I want done.

Nabisco Blue

5 out of 5 rating September 7, 2021

Love Dr. Chia! He's a pro at body contouring and has a great vibe. I would recommend him to anyone.

Costa Vafidis

5 out of 5 rating January, 2020

Best surgeon ever, highly recommend him, would NOT trust anyone else but him!!


5 out of 5 rating April 1, 2019

No matter how hard I workout, I could not lose the weight is some specific areas. I heard about Smartlipo on the news and decided to schedule a consultation. From the moment I walked in the door and met the Dr. and his staff, I felt comfortable and confident about the outcome of the procedure. As soon as you walk into the office you can feel the positive energy and the connection the staff has with one another – they genuinely enjoy what they are doing and want to be there.

The procedure went great and it wasn’t painful at all, and I am a wimp! It felt like I was getting a deep tissue massage. I listened to my iPod, and my Dr. talked with me the entire time. The Patient Coordinator even called that night to see how I was feeling. I was only taking Tylenol, as I really wasn’t in pain and there was no bruising whatsoever, it just felt as if I had a really good workout. I had the procedure done on a Friday afternoon, and didn’t even need to take Monday off of work. It’s been 3 weeks, and I have significant results, I look and feel amazing!

I am 100% satisfied with the results and the level of care I received from bodySculpt and their staff. My Dr. was extremely personable, professional, and genuinely cared about me and my procedures. I will forever recommended him to all my friends and family when asked why I look so good! For those of you on the fence about SmartLipo or have been looking for a surgeon for this procedure – you have come to the right place

Julie C

5 out of 5 rating June 1, 2019

I went to Dr. Chia for liposuction and liposuction revision. After my consultation, I had a very good feeling about him. I am a medical doctor myself and I’ve been to other plastic surgeon and know that there are a lot of bad and mediocre plastic surgeons out there. Dr. Chia I did liposuction and revision liposuction on me from deformities from another plastic surgeon and I am very happy with my results. I truly believe he is an artist and one of the best in his field.

Leola Miller

5 out of 5 rating March 2, 2017

Extremely happy to have undergone arm liposuction from here. Good settings and experienced surgeon.

Melitza Lev

5 out of 5 rating January, 2017

After having 3 kids I tried everything out there, diets, gym, bar classes, kick boxing, not eating carbs, taking diet pills. I never had surgery, not a C section. The idea of having lipo was frightening to me. Until one day I just got tired of having people ask me how many months pregnant I was... ahhhhh!!! That just did it! I went to Dr.SperoTheodorou and he was very professional, he explained with detail what needed to be done, not only that he made me feel he cared and did even extra to make sure my body was sculpt the right way. I didn't even had to take the pain killers the next day, I actually walked out of the surgery with my girlfriends and went for lunch around the corner. The before and after pictures are impressive. All I can say is why didn't I do it before!!!!! I would absolutely recommend Spero to any of my friends. Thumbs up!!! Thank you! And to Pam, Sandy, and the nurse who was a sweetheart, Thank you for changing the way I feel about my body!!! Sorry, got to go throw away those big mumu's and get some sexy new outfits!!!

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