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Abdominal Liposuction with Smartlipo: Achieve a Trim Tummy with Little Downtime

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Factors such as heredity, aging, pregnancy, weight gain or hormonal changes, as well as stress cause excess fat to accumulate in the abdominal area. It is usually very difficult to address stubborn belly fat with conventional weight loss measures. Stomach liposuction in NYC allows men and women to achieve a tighter, flatter, and well-toned tummy. The procedure involves removing subcutaneous fat that lies beneath the skin and on top of the abdominal muscle wall, while simultaneously tightening overlying skin. The success of the abdomen liposuction depends on the factors such as the age, history of weight gain and weight loss, history of pregnancy, amount and location of abdominal fat and sex of the patient.

In an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice, the procedure is performed using the minimally-invasive Smartlipo Triplex laser lipolysis device. This device utilizes an optimal blend of three laser wavelengths to liquefy the fat cells and tighten the skin simultaneously. With this FDA approved body contouring technique, there is less bleeding, swelling and bruising than in traditional liposuction. Patients experience only minimal scarring, pain and discomfort. The procedure is performed using local anesthesia and most patients return home on the same day. It reduces treatment time and patient downtime and offers faster healing and quick recovery.

You should wear a compression garment 24 hours a day for three weeks and remove it only when bathing or washing it. From 3 weeks onwards up to 6 weeks, you should wear the garment in the day only. The compression garment helps reduce swelling, minimizes the risk of seroma and is important to achieve optimal outcomes.

Make sure you consult a qualified plastic surgeon with experience in performing stomach liposuction. A reliable surgeon will evaluate your condition and provide you with a individualized treatment plan to achieve your goals.


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