Benefits of BodyTite Liposuction Treatment

by | Last updated on May 10, 2023 | Published on Aug 24, 2022 | Bodytite Liposuction, Laser Liposuction

Stubborn deposits of fat are a major concern for many men and women. There are many liposuction technologies to address the problem. BodyTite liposuction in Manhattan is rising in popularity for the many benefits it offers. This minimally invasive procedure is an ideal option to remove stubborn pockets of fat from different body areas such as abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, upper arms, love handles, saddle bags, chin, neck and knees.

BodyTite procedure uses radiofrequency (RF) energy. In addition to removing excess fat, the treatment tightens the skin and reduces cellulites It is considered an ideal solution for stubborn fat that does not respond to diet and exercise.

The procedure typically takes 30-45 minutes to complete. The BodyTite device delivers RF energy to the treatment site and melts the excess fat. The treatment coagulates adipose, fibrous and vascular tissue. The major advantage of this procedure is that it does not harm the surrounding tissues. Let’s take a look at the other advantages of BodyTite Liposuction in Manhattan:

Advantages of BodyTite Liposuction

  •      Safe and effective minimally invasive option to treat stubborn fat
  •       Radio frequency energy produced by BodyTite device lift also tightens the saggy skin, improving its appearance considerably
  •       Coagulates small blood vessels and decreases bleeding
  •      BodyTite procedure combined with conventional liposuction can eliminate more fat cells from the target site.
  •       It is performed under local anesthesia
  •       Even body contouring effects
  •       No visible scarring

Though this procedure has more advantages over disadvantages, it is not suitable for everyone. Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  •       Be at or close to their ideal weight or have body mass index (BMI) 30 or less
  •       Should lead a healthy lifestyle
  •       Must have realistic expectations
  •       Should not have a fluctuating weight
  •       Should not be pregnant or breastfeeding
  •       Have good skin tone
  •      Be a non-smoker

If you are considering BodyTite liposuction, choose an AAAASF plastic surgery center in Manhattan that has surgeons who are experts in using the RF-assisted technology. Experts will use the capabilities of the device to provide customized treatment.

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