Benefits Of Smartlipo For Liposuction On Calves

by | Published on Oct 20, 2021 | Calf Liposuction

Fat around the calves and ankles is often difficult to resolve even with rigorous workouts and diet. Liposuction on calves in New York is an ideal option to address stubborn fat and improve the tone and definition of the calves. This liposuction procedure is done using the FDA approved Smartlipo Triplex workstation that is specifically designed to remove fat from delicate and difficult-to-treat areas. This workstation features three laser wavelengths (1064 nm, 1320 nm, and 1440 nm) for effective fat removal and skin tightening. Its intelligent delivery systems constantly monitor skin temperature and deliver safe levels of energy to prevent overtreatment.

 Liposuction On Calves

Calf liposuction in NYC is performed using local anesthesia. Tiny incisions are made in the treatment site to deliver laser energy which work to liquefy excess fat deposits, allowing them to be easily suctioned off. Laser liposuction removes excess fat without harming the vital structures such as blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics, making it an ideal option for liposuction on calves. The procedure also coagulates the tissues and tightens the loose skin. Make sure to find a reputable and AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice that offers the service of plastic surgeons who are skilled in using Smartlipo technology to perform the procedure.

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