Can you have Smartlipo if you were using a Nicotine Patch?

by | Nov 15, 2017 | SmartLipo Triplex

Many men and women who are healthy and physically fit are troubled by stubborn localized deposits of fat pockets which affect their looks. No matter how much they exercise or diet, these excess fat deposits refuse to go away. The desire to achieve a slim, well-shaped physique has fuelled the popularity of Smartlipo in NYC, an FDA-approved laser-assisted technique that is specially designed to address this problem.

There are certain things you have to take care of before you have this procedure, such as quit smoking before and after the surgery, achieve your ideal weight, and so on. In the Realself discussion forum, a patient who was fit and healthy but who had a “2 week fall of the wagon with smoking” put on a nicotine patch not to be tempted, and wanted to know if it was still safe to have Smartlipo.
An expert surgeon replied that even though it was okay for this patient to ahead with the procedure, as a general rule, it’s good to stop all type of nicotine before and after any plastic surgery procedure.

Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, that is, it delays the body’s healing process by slowing the flow of blood to treatment area. This can result in serious complications which include increased risks for infection along with aesthetic issues such as visible scars. There are more than 250 chemicals and toxins in cigarette smoke, including carbon monoxide and nitric oxide, which can hinder with healing after surgery.

While the best option is to quit smoking for good, stopping two weeks before your plastic surgery procedure will be beneficial. Smoking cessation will have a positive impact on the outcomes of your treatment and minimize your risk of complications. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions about when to quit prior to surgery.

For many people, it is a major challenge to stop smoking. Fortunately, there are aids available which make the task easier. Nicotine replacement products include nicotine patches, gum and lozenges. While these nicotine replacement tools can be used to quit well in advance of your procedure, they are not recommended immediately before or during surgery because they can compromise wound healing in the same way as cigarette smoking.

In a reliable AAAASF-accredited practice offering laser liposuction in NYC, plastic surgeons discuss all the complications associated with the procedure during the consultation. They educate patients about the importance of not smoking before and after the treatment as well as about all the other steps they have to experience safe treatment and optimal results.

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