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Chin Liposuction: Does Laser Liposuction Work on the Chin? [Infographic]

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Factors such as aging, heredity, weight gain, and environmental and lifestyle factors cause excess fat to accumulate under the chin resulting in submental fullness or a double chin. A common aesthetic concern for many people, a double chin is hard to address with just diet and exercises. Chin liposuction in New York City can resolve these concerns, by removing excess fat tissue under the chin, beneath the jowl, and along the upper part of the neck. The procedure also tightens the skin to provide a sculpted, smooth jaw line and shapely neck. However, as conventional liposuction is an invasive procedure, NYC plastic surgeons provide laser liposuction on the chin. But does laser liposuction work on the chin? Yes, it does!

Read the Infographic below
Chin Liposuction


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