Does Fat Come Back After Neck Liposuction?

by | Published on Jun 5, 2024 | Neck Liposuction

A double chin is a common but annoying aesthetic concern. The neck region often stores fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Neck liposuction removes this unwanted fat, and provides you with the well-defined jawline and thinner neckline you always wanted. Performed by skilled plastic surgeons, neck liposuction in NYC is a minimally-invasive procedure that utilizes advanced Smartlipo technology to deliver exceptional results.

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How Does Neck Liposuction in NYC Work?

Aging, weight gain, and genetic predispositions are the key factors that contribute to the accumulation of extra fat around the chin and neck. A double chin impacts the overall harmony of the face. Fortunately, laser-assisted Smartlipo neck liposuction can effectively address the issue.

The procedure uses a suction-based cannula to permanently remove fat from the chin and neck area. Your surgeon makes tiny incisions to insert the small cannula of the Smartlipo device and deliver laser energy to the treatment site. The heat melts the fat, making it easy to suction out through the cannula. When performed by a skilled surgeon, liposuction can produce more defined results. This technique can be used alone to treat extra neck fat or in combination with a facelift to rejuvenate the face.

Are Neck Lipo Results Permanent?

Liposuction removes localized deposits of fat permanently. While weight loss through diet and exercise reduces the size of existing fat cells, liposuction physically removes fat cells from the targeted areas. These fat cells will not regenerate or come back. But if you gain a substantial amount of weight after liposuction, the remaining fat cells in the treated site will expand, affecting the outcomes achieved through liposuction. So after your neck contouring procedure, maintaining a steady weight through regular exercise and a nutritious diet is important to preserve your results.

Maximizing the Results of Neck Liposuction

Neck Liposuction

Following these strategies can help you achieve longest-lasting outcomes following neck liposuction:

  • Healthy Lifestyle: Maintaining your results requires you to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This includes both frequent physical activity and a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. To avoid gaining weight, limit your calorie intake and sedentary behavior.
  • Weight Control: Gaining pounds can impact the outcome of your liposuction procedure. To sustain your neck’s shape, focus on maintaining a stable weight.
  • Skin Care: Good skin care can help in maintaining the appearance of your neck. In addition sunscreen use and hydration, good skin care can help keep your skin supple and youthful-looking, enhancing the appearance of your outcomes.
  • Follow-Up Care: Keeping follow-up visits with your surgeon will enable you to keep an eye on your recovery and quickly address any issues. Your surgeon can provide tailored guidance on sustaining your outcomes.

Neck liposuction in NYC can provide a well contoured appearance to your neck by permanently removing fat cells. While these fat cells will not regenerate, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and stable weight is crucial to ensure that new fat deposits do not form and compromise your results. By following your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions and adopting healthy habits, you can maintain your outcome for years to come.

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