Exercising After Abdomen Liposuction: What to Expect

by | Published on Jan 15, 2024 | Abdominal Liposuction/Stomach Liposuction

One of the biggest challenges for both men and women aiming for a trim, toned core is stubborn abdominal fat. Liposuction provides the solution. Abdominal liposuction in NYC can provide you with a trimmer and more toned midsection. The procedure removes abdominal fat deposits that are difficult to lose with just diet and exercise. In established AAAASF plastic surgery facilities, skilled surgeons perform minimally invasive liposuction treatments to help patients achieve their aesthetic objectives. However, maintaining your results requires some effort on your part. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure and an appropriate exercise regimen would be needed to preserve your outcome, depending on which area of your body was treated.

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Why Should You Exercise After Abdominal Liposuction in NYC?

Liposuction removes stubborn fat deposits, offering immediately visual changes. Yet, while the treatment can provide you with a streamlined silhouette, an ongoing commitment to physical activity is essential to retain your results. Liposuction contours your body but does not prevent you from gaining fat in other body areas. A healthy diet and regular exercise routine are necessary to maintain your newly contoured body.

When Should You Begin Exercising Post-op?

After abdominal liposuction in NYC, you should anticipate some swelling and soreness, but these should go away in two to three weeks. Vigorous exercise should be avoided right after liposuction. You may need to wait three to five weeks to resume your regular exercise regimen.

In order to obtain the best surgical outcomes, the body must first heal. Based on your surgeon’s advice, it may be possible to gradually increase workouts two to three weeks after surgery. Patients who have had liposuction usually feel comfortable enough to participate in strenuous activities after six weeks. You need to stick to a regular aerobic and abdominal workout program if you want to keep the fat off your abdomen. The best cardio activities are running, cycling, swimming, and aerobics, but there are lots of other simple abdominal exercises that you can add to your fitness routine following liposuction.

4 Exercises to Maintain Liposuction Results

Liposuction Results

  • Stretching your Legs Should Come First: First and foremost, you should refrain from engaging in any demanding “workout-like” activities for two to six weeks. For a while, keep things calm and comfortable at home so your body can get used to the new you. After this 1.5-month absence, start out cautiously. Start with stretches that target your legs and core strength. It will take some time to increase the resistance and flexibility in your muscles because frequent activity causes the tissues to harden again. Continue holding the positions longer than you usually did, and gradually allow your body adjust to your expectations.
  • Increase Cardio Activity: Engaging your limbic system (the lungs and arteries around it) is the next phase. It’s crucial to implement this gradually as well, as it’s probably not a good idea to shock your system twice in less than two months. Work up a sweat on the treadmill and progressively raise the resistance or pace as each week goes by.
  • Yoga: A wonderful method to synchronize your mind and body is through yoga. Regaining alignment ought to be your top concern, especially considering the recent alterations to your body. When returning to your hot yoga practice, start with the slower, more contemplative styles of yoga that you may have depended on before to the surgery. After surgery, you might find that doing hot yoga isn’t necessary for weight loss at all!
  • Take a stroll: If you stay inactive for an extended period of time, fat will begin to accumulate in the very places that you just had removed. Before you hit the gym, take a leisurely stroll during lunch to help decompress and give your body a sense of normalcy (you can even do this a week after surgery). Keep in mind that not everyone will be sporting a newly tucked stomach like you!

Do you want to know more about maintaining a healthy diet that can helps you maintain the results of the treatment, read our blog post on the importance of diet and exercise after liposuction

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Without a doubt, laser liposuction in NYC is a successful way to get a smaller, more defined stomach. But the process of getting a toned abdomen doesn’t stop after the procedure. Frequent exercise is essential for optimizing liposuction outcomes, fostering general health, and guaranteeing long-term success. A balanced strategy that incorporates aerobic exercises, focused abdominal exercises, and a dedication to a healthy lifestyle can help people recover from liposuction as quickly as possible and get the benefits of a toned and sculpted body.

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