Facial Laser Liposuction: Post-Operative Care Tips

by | Published on Nov 10, 2021 | Facial Liposuction

If you are looking to get rid of excess facial fat improve your appearance, you could consider facial liposuction in Manhattan. Caused by factors such as weight gain, aging and genetics, facial fat cannot be resolved with just diet and exercise. That’s why more and more people are turning to facial liposuction to restore a well-defined, youthful look. Leading Manhattan plastic surgeons perform the procedure using laser-assisted Smartlipo technology. This laser liposuction treatment liquefies the fat so that it can be easily removed, tightens the skin, and allows the plastic surgeon to sculpt the face. Any minor discomfort and minor swelling will subside in five days. Most patients return to work and normal routine within 24 hours.

Though the procedure is minimally-invasive, proper post-op care is critical to recover smoothly after facial liposuction.

 Facial Liposuction

If you notice anything unusual – such as any signs of infection – contact your surgeon immediately. With proper plan for the post-operative period you can help you easily overcome any discomfort and risk of complications associated with the procedure. Remember that recovery time would vary among patients based on individual considerations. Make sure you don’t miss your follow-up appointments, because, follow-up is crucial to ensure that your surgical incisions are healing properly and there aren’t any complications or abnormalities.

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