Guidelines to Follow Before And After Laser Liposuction

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Laser Liposuction

Many men and women choose to have laser liposuction treatment when they find exercise and diet cannot help them eliminate unwanted fat pockets in various body areas. Laser liposuction is a minimally-invasive procedure performed by expert plastic surgeons in NYC using the FDA-approved Smartlipo Triplex laser workstation. It requires only local anesthesia, involves minimal pain, discomfort, and it does not have any serious side effects.

When performed by expert plastic surgeons, Smartlipo laser liposuction can effectively remove stubborn fat from areas like the thighs, arms, buttocks, hips, abdomen, etc., and help you achieve a well-shaped body. It is crucial that you consult the best plastic surgeon whose aesthetic sense appeals to you and has extensive experience in performing the procedure. After determining your candidature for the treatment, your surgeon will provide you with instructions to follow before and after the surgery to maximize your results.

Before Liposuction:

  • Take the prescribed medications.
  • Arrange transportation to and from the surgical center on the day of the procedure. Have someone stay with you for the first 24 hours after the procedure.
  • In the week leading up to your treatment, drink at least six to eight glasses of fluid a day, preferably water. This will help you stay hydrated and keep you healthy.
  • Follow a healthy diet before the treatment and after, as it will help preserve your results.
  • Avoid medications that increase risks of bleeding and those that interfere with liver function.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking at least two weeks before and after the procedure.
  • Patients are advised to do a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise on the treatment day and for two days post-treatment to maximize treatment benefits. The fat that has been released into your lymphatic system is there for two days before it is reabsorbed back into your body. When you exercise, the fat will be eliminated out of your system. Stick to the exercises recommended by your surgeon.

After Liposuction Treatment:

  • You can start drinking fluids directly after your procedure and also resume a regular healthful diet. It is essential to stay hydrated to avoid dehydration, so drink enough water.
  • Avoid alcohol for the recommended time after the procedure. If you drink alcohol following the treatment, the released fat will not be removed because your liver is working to process the alcohol instead.
  • Avoid smoking because nicotine reduces blood flow to the skin and this can cause complications during healing.
  • Take proper rest immediately after the procedure. You can resume your normal activities as tolerated. Do not drive during the first 24 hours after the surgery. Do not make any personal decisions at this time as your judgement may be clouded. You can take a short walk later during the first day or evening after the surgery.
  • Take the prescribed medication as advised.
  • Use the compression garment to hold the absorbent pads in place and minimize bruising and swelling. If you feel dizzy when you remove the compression garment the morning after the surgery, sit or lie down until the sensation subsides.
  • Wear the compression garment for 24 hours a day for the first two weeks and then when you are awake the next two weeks.
  • Don’t sit in a hot tub or swim for two weeks after the procedure.
  • If you feel well enough the day after the surgery, you can engage in light to moderate physical activities but avoid strenuous exercises like aerobics, weight lifting, swimming, or running. You can resume heavy exercises based on your doctor’s advice.
  • Keep your follow-ups, follow your surgeon’s instructions diligently, and maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a nutritious diet to maximize your results.

If you are planning to get laser liposuction in NYC, it’s important to choose a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in performing the procedure. Make sure that the surgeon performs the procedure in an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice. After determining that you are a good candidate for the procedure, an experienced surgeon will provide customized treatment to help you achieve optimal results.

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