How Liposuction Helps With Lipedema

by | Published on Nov 16, 2015 | Liposuction Surgery

Many women complain about unexpected weight gain or excess fat in their body despite living and eating healthy. Unfortunately, this could be due to lipedema, a painful fat syndrome that is the result of the deposition of excess fat in the subcutaneous tissues. Liposuction can help resolve lipedema.

This medical condition almost exclusively affects women. Usually starting during adolescence, it gets aggravated during pregnancy and menopause, hinting at a hormonal component. Lipodema gets worse over time, especially in patients who put on a lot of excess weight. It is characterized by disproportionately large hips and legs and fatty deposits under the skin. The enlargement of the legs will persist even if dieting normalizes the appearance in the upper body.

Personal experiences of lipedema patients make it clear as to just how painful the condition can be. Even the slightest pressure on the affected part of the body can really hurt.

While the condition can be diagnosed, treating it is difficult. Physicians recommend exercises such as swimming and walking and supplements to help keep the lymphatic system active. Compression garments can the accumulation of fluid in the lower body. An antioxidant-rich diet would fight inflammation. However, there is a limit to which such lifestyle modifications can resolve lipodema.

Liposuction has been found effective to treat lipodema. A study presented at the 23rd Annual World Congress of Dermatology reported that liposuction considerably increases quality of life in lipedema patients. It involved 164 patients who had lipolysis after conservative lipedema therapy over several years. The researchers found that

  • Following body contouring surgery, there were notable improvements in sensitivity to pressure, edema, cosmetic impairment, bruising, and restriction of movement
  • Improvements continued over time
  • Spontaneous pain notably improved or completely disappeared
  • The mean overall impairment fell significantly from “severe” before the procedure to “mild” at follow-ups
  • There were no serious complications and conservative therapy was stopped for 30% of the patients

Liposuction reduces subcutaneous fatty tissue as well as improves body proportions, thereby improving the quality of life of lipodema patients. Established plastic surgeons use advanced laser-enabled technologies such SmartLipo Triplex to perform the procedure. In addition to effective fat removal from common trouble spots such as the legs, buttocks, and arms, the procedure offers great skin tightening benefits.

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