How Long do Smartlipo Triplex Liposuction Results Take to Appear?

by | Mar 21, 2016 | SmartLipo Triplex

Smartlipo Triplex liposuction using laser technology is a safe and effective option to remove unwanted fat from almost all areas of the body. In New York City, you can find surgical practices dedicated exclusively to this popular body contouring technique. NYC plastic surgeons are asked many questions about the procedure by patients who have undergone the treatment as well as by prospective candidates. One of the most frequently asked questions is – how long do Smartlipo Triplex liposuction results take to appear?

According to skilled liposuction surgeons with years of experience, one can see the final outcome on an average of six months after the procedure. However, they also point out this could vary on an individual basis. How soon results appear would depend on considerations such as age, the amount of fat removed, areas treated, and individual healing speed.

It’s quite natural for people to be anxious about the outcome of their cosmetic surgical procedure and want to see it as soon as possible. Some people expect to see results just a few days after the procedure! According to expert NYC liposuction surgeons, though most of swelling will subside in three months’ time, the final outcome will appear only after about six months. They give two reasons for this:

  • The swelling of the skin and soft tissues in the area from which fat was removed, which is typical after laser liposuction treatment, will temporarily mask the results.
  • Skin contraction or skin tightening effects will take time (six months) to become visible

Lumps may be seen two months after the treatment, but these usually resolve naturally. Gentle massage is sometimes recommended to speed up the process. The results of SmartLipo treatment will go on improving over time for up to a year or longer but you can expect most of the swelling to get resolved in about three or four months.

However, what really matters for safe smooth recovery and results within the stipulated time, is the experience and skill of the surgeon. Patient evaluation and selection is important when it comes to optimal results. Those with poor quality skin or excess skin will have loose skin after liposuction, which will affect the final outcome. How well you follow post-surgical instructions is also important for quick, smooth healing and achieving good results. Follow the surgeon instructions precisely on wearing compression garments, massage, timely medication, and dos and don’ts until complete recovery. Importantly, you should realize that a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a nutritious diet are necessary to maintain the outcome of your body contouring procedure.

New York City plastic surgeons provide dedicated follow-ups to ensure that recovery is progressing smoothly. So if you have had a SmartLipo liposuction procedure and have any concerns that you would like to discuss with your surgeon, fix a follow up appointment and learn about your options.

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