Include These Terms in Your Glossary before Body Contouring Consultation

by | Published on Mar 16, 2016 | Body Contouring

Body contouring after major weight loss is a good solution to improve your overall body shape and remove excess sagging fat and skin. In NYC, you can undergo this cosmetic procedure at select plastic surgery facilities. It enhances the shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports fat and skin. The procedure mainly involves facelift, breast lift, tummy tuck, lower body lift, medial thigh lift, and arm lift. Finding the right surgeon is important to benefit from a successful procedure.

Consultation with your surgeon is the important phase in the process when you have to learn everything related to the procedure from the surgeon to take an informed decision. It would be beneficial to familiarize yourself with common terms associated with the procedure. This will help you to understand what the surgeon is talking about during the consultation and you can ask more related questions. Here are some important terms you may come across during the consultation.

  • Body mass index (BMI): A measure for human body shape based on an individual’s weight and height. BMI = body weight in kilograms / height in meters square
  • Massive weight loss: Loss of 50% or more excess body weight
  • Circumferential incision: A surgical incision around the body to remove the fat and skin.
  • Sutures: Stitches used by surgeons to hold the skin and tissue together.
  • Hematoma: Blood pooling beneath the skin.
  • Local anesthesia: A drug injected directly into the site of an incision during an operation to relieve pain.
  • Macerated skin: Excess skin that hangs and becomes wet or infected underneath.
  • Breast lift: Also known as mastopexy, this surgery addresses the sagginess and lifts the breasts to a better position. The surgeon may also reposition the nipples if needed.
  • Areola: Pigmented skin surrounding the nipple.
  • Breast Ptosis: Drooping of the breasts with the nipple areola complex falling below the bottom of the breast.
  • Arm lift: A surgical procedure that corrects sagging or hanging skin of the upper arms.
  • Medial thigh lift: A surgical procedure that corrects sagging of the inner thigh.
  • Outer thigh lift: A surgical procedure that corrects sagging of the outer and mid-thigh.
  • Lower body lift: Surgical procedure that corrects sagging of the abdomen, buttocks, groin and outer thighs.
  • Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck): Cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen.
  • Abdominal laxity: Excess skin and fat in the abdominal region following weight loss
  • Chafing: Abrasions of the skin caused by repetitive friction that is generated through skin to skin contact when body parts rub together (such as thighs rubbing together)

Include these terms in your glossary and find the right body contouring surgeon in NYC and benefit from a comprehensive consultation.

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