How Long Will It Take for the Scars to Disappear after Smartlipo?

by | Feb 17, 2016 | Laser Liposuction

Smartlipo procedures for fat reduction may leave scars. However, the appearance of the scars and their intensity are far less compared to traditional methods. However, even these minor scars may cause considerable distress and most liposuction candidates are eager to know when these will disappear. According to leading liposuction surgeons with many years of experience providing Smartlipo procedures, there are certain factors to take into account when considering the time taken for the scars to fade. Importantly, the technique used by the surgeon, his skill and experience, and individual healing speed are the crucial factors. The individual healing speed may vary with each patient and you have no control over this factor. But what you can do is to find the right liposuction surgeon who uses highly advanced techniques. A good surgeon would help you get the scars hidden under natural creases whenever possible. There are qualified liposuction surgeons in Manhattan, NYC who perform 1000s of procedures every year who could ensure you good results and minimal scars.

How a Good Plastic Surgeon Can Help

An experienced liposuction surgeon would focus on minimizing the appearance of the scar.

  • In some cases, incisions can be hidden in the belly button or below the bikini line. Some scars may be visible and this depends on the particular body areas treated.
  • Also, an experienced plastic surgeon would make the scars as small as possible, so that they are hardly noticeable.
  • In a reliable plastic surgery practice that attaches prime importance to patient requirements, a needle is used instead of a scalpel blade so that there would only be a small, circular puncture rather than a line. Circular incisions heal with a smaller overall length, and can still accommodate the instruments needed for the surgery.
  • To ensure minimal scarring, the incisions are closed with fine sutures.
  • The surgery is performed as gently as possible to minimize the trauma at the incision site and this helps to heal better.

Taking the Proper Steps to Minimize the Appearance of Scars

When it comes to individual cases, the important factor is the skin type. As dark skin is more prone to keloid scars, it would be more visible and discoloration may be noticeable. In some patients with dark skin, the scars may remain dark for a year or more. It is important to stay out of the sun because ultraviolet light can permanently darken the incision during the healing phase.

In order to minimize scars after laser liposuction, take care of the nutritional aspects and ensure that the treated area does not get infected. Follow the surgeon’s after care instructions clearly and make sure that the incision site is kept clean. Using compression garments can reduce inflammation and thus the resultant scarring.

Also, bring some changes in your lifestyle until complete recovery. Avoid habits such as smoking. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly can help. You may use scar care products as advised by your surgeon.

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