How Many Areas is it Possible to Treat in One Liposuction Session?

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The abdomen, hips, love handles, back, arms, armpits, saddlebags, thighs, knees, and neck are some of the most typical body areas where fat tends to accumulate. Irrespective of the cause – family genetics, pregnancies, or lifestyle – this excess fat usually fails to respond to just diet and exercise. Fortunately, liposuction provides the solution. This plastic surgery procedure removes stubborn fat from your body effectively, resulting in a sculpted, toned appearance. Laser liposuction in NYC, which is performed using Smartlipo Triplex, provides noticeable results quickly and with little downtime and side effects. However, in most individuals, fat does not accumulate only in just one area of the body. So, how many areas can a single liposuction treatment address?

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Removing Fat from Several Areas

For most of the people, all areas of concern can be treated in a single session. Patients are required to wear a customized compression garment to support healing and minimize swelling. Though uncommon, people with significant fullness may require a second session to address the same spot again. While liposuction is a versatile procedure that can treat numerous areas of the body, plastic surgeons will take specific safety precautions during each treatment session. Surgeons typically recommend that patients limit the number of areas treated in a single procedure to around three.

How Much Fat Can Be Removed?

In addition to the number of areas that can be treated during a single liposuction session, the overall volume of fat that can be removed is also an important consideration.

The prescribed upper limit for fat removal is 5 liters and plastic surgeons generally limit fat removal to this limit per session for the patient’s safety. No more than 3-4 liters of fatty tissue is usually removed during an outpatient liposuction procedure.

Each patient’s anatomical considerations and goals are unique. After a detailed evaluation, your surgeon will determine the number of areas that can be safely treated and volume of fat that can be removed.  This will also depend on a number of other factors such as overall health, age, and skin laxity. The precise limit to the number of regions that can be treated in a single visit for liposuction varies on a variety of parameters, including the following:

  • Patient’s height and physical characteristics
  • Locations with the excess fat
  • How much fat can be removed

These are generalizations and the surgeon’s choice and the patient’s tolerance can vary greatly. Importantly, the person should be the right candidate with a healthy weight, good skin tone and no serious medical conditions. Ideal candidates for liposuction have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 30. Each patient will have different concerns and goals. Expert plastic surgeons will tailor the treatment to help them achieve the desired results.

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In addition to the amount of fat that can be removed, there is a limit to how much anesthetic is used. This differs from patient to patient based on weight, age and the type of medications they take.

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