Is Liposuction a Beneficial Option for Lipedema Patients?

by | Aug 26, 2015 | Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction is a widely accepted body contouring procedure that helps to get rid of stubborn fat deposits that prove resistant to traditional weight loss measures. Apart from addressing aesthetic concerns, the procedure also helps to resolve certain medical conditions, as for instance, lipedema. Lipedema, also called “painful fat syndrome” is an inherited disease that affects women, and is characterized by unusual accumulation of fat cells in the legs and arms. This condition may also cause pain and bruising.

Reports say more than 17 million women may be suffering from the condition in the United States alone. This genetic condition is said to affect a whopping 11 percent of women in the world. The worst thing is that it can affect both thin and overweight women and no diet or exercise seems to be able to help. In fact, liposuction cannot completely cure the condition but can help bring about a more natural body contour.

Lipedema treatments involve removing the fat cells in a safe and effective manner and thereby allowing the body to get back to a more natural shape. For patients who have lymphedema as a consequence of the lipedema, the lymph fluids will have to be drained away before providing liposuction. A specialist can provide advice in this regard. Once the plastic surgeon determines that a patient is a candidate for the lipo procedure, laser devices such as Smartlipo Triplex can be used to remove the fat cells.

Candidates for the treatment will have to work with their general practitioner and plastic surgeon to identify the right treatment strategy. After the liposuction, it is important to follow all the instructions provided by the surgeon to ensure a successful recovery. Treatment for lipedema may vary from one patient to another.

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