Is Summer a Good Time for Liposuction?

by | Published on May 30, 2018 | Liposuction Surgery

Summer is here! It’s the beach season with people heading to the beaches for fun and frolic. It’s also the best time to show off your beach body. You may have been told that winter is the best time to undergo liposuction because you get to spend more time indoors while you can recover. However, summer is also a good time of the year to improve your looks with liposuction procedures and there needn’t be concerns about lengthy downtime or discomfort with the minimally invasive liposuction options available now. Liposuction has become a commonly performed procedure at present, with huge improvements in recovery, healing and other relevant factors. Consequently, the “best time” to undergo liposuction has become a matter of personal preference now. Liposuction in NYC plastic surgery facilities is a great way to remove excess fat from the abdomen, love handles, breasts, hips, buttocks, chin, neck and face – all body and achieve your ideal body. It is designed to contour your body to perfection – especially if you are within your ideal weight with some stubborn fat pockets that have defied your exercise and diet programs.

Is summer a good time to undergo liposuction? Here are some considerations.

  • More time for relaxation and rest – Most of us lead hectic lives. During summer time, work slows down for most people. You may be able to take time off from your work during summer. Your children may be out of school during this time of the year for their summer break. If you undergo liposuction during summer time, then your children could help you out around the house. Also, it may be easier to find a babysitter during summertime to look after your young children, if you have any.
  • Get ready for the holidays – If you undergo minimally invasive liposuction during summertime, then you will be able to recover fairly quickly and enjoy the sun and sand. You will also be prepared for events such as holiday parties that may happen later in the year. With liposuction and recovery already completed, you need not postpone any activities you may have planned for the holidays.
  • Those who don’t like the summer heat can stay indoors – If you don’t like the hot, humid weather so typical of summer, this is the best time for you to undergo liposuction. You can stay indoors doing the things you like and recovering from the surgery.

However, there are things that should be taken in to consideration if you are planning to undergo liposuction during the summertime. You will have to limit your sun exposure as the ultraviolet rays can darken your scars. Exposure to the sun can also make any swelling worse. You will have to stay indoors a few weeks after your liposuction even though you may be tempted to go outside.

Make Sure to Undergo Liposuction at a Reliable Plastic Surgery Practice

If you are considering a liposuction procedure, then schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon at an AAAASF-accredited plastic surgery practice in NYC. Experienced surgeons at such a facility will determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure and perform the procedure using the minimally-invasive, advanced laser lipolysis system Smartlipo Triplex. Thus you will experience less pain, discomfort, scarring, bleeding, bruising and swelling than traditional liposuction. This FDA-approved body sculpting system helps tighten the skin and reduces procedure time, patient downtime and offers faster healing and quick recovery. With this device, the entire procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. You can also view the before and after photos of actual patients who underwent aesthetic procedures at the facility, which would help you understand the effectiveness of a procedure and also better understand the potential outcome you can expect. Also, the surgeon will inform you about the risks and benefits associated with the procedure which will help you take an informed decision. The surgeon and caring staff will provide you with the finest quality treatments and superior quality care throughout the procedure.

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