Liposuction Contributes to 14.5% of the Total Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Worldwide

by | Published on Nov 28, 2016 | Liposuction Surgery

Achieving a good body shape is one of the main aesthetic concerns of many people despite being close to their ideal body weight. Those stubborn fat spots that remain even after strenuous diet and exercise are a real cause of distress. Advanced possibilities of the effective liposuction surgery available at established plastic surgery practices in prominent cities such as NYC can help men and women achieve their ‘dream-come-true’ figure. The increasing acceptance of the procedure worldwide is evident from the fact that liposuction contributed to about 14.5% of the total number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed globally last year.

According to the ISAPS survey, this procedure was the second most popular worldwide in 2015 with a total of 1,394,588 procedures. And it was not just the women that contributed to the figures as many men around the globe are also utilizing the treatment possibilities to improve their manly physique. Liposuction was the second most popular procedure when considering the list of both most requested male and female cosmetic procedures. Women contributed to 84.7% of the total lipo treatments while men contributed to the rest 15.3%. Interestingly, individuals in the age group 19-34 years old performed the largest number of lipo treatments (45.1%) followed by those in the age group 35-50 (40.4%).

The advanced possibilities with FDA-approved minimally invasive techniques such as laser liposuction and the availability of skilled and experienced plastic surgeons specialized in the treatment providing individualized solutions might be among the major reasons contributing to the popularity and acceptance of the procedure.

Not all individuals are candidates for the procedure and it is not a weight loss solution. You must be close to your ideal body weight in addition to being generally healthy with no serious medical conditions. Most importantly, you must maintain realistic expectations regarding the outcomes.

Despite the procedure efficiency and its possibilities, getting it done in an accredited plastic surgery practice is very important to experience safe and optimal results. A good surgeon would take each case individually and study related factors and preferences to provide personalized solutions. Those preferring to have liposuction in NYC practices can benefit from exclusive procedures for men and women. Bridal liposuction procedures help women to address the excess fat from top to toe and look awesome on their big day. Men can benefit from gynecomastia surgery to reduce male breasts, and hi def body sculpting to achieve an enhanced manly physique.

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