Liposuction Can Improve the Quality of Life of Lipedema Patients, Finds Recent Study

by | Published on Sep 11, 2015 | News

Lipedema is a chronic condition in which fat is distributed unevenly beneath your skin, mostly in the buttocks and legs. This affects up to 11% of women and is a major cosmetic concern that can lead to a painful condition if left untreated. A study presented at the 23rd Annual World Congress of Dermatology said liposuction can address this concern and significantly improve the quality of life of lipedema patients.

According to this report, the study revealed that the treatment resulted in a significant reduction of subcutaneous fatty tissue, which in turn improved body proportions and overall shape. The study involved a total of 164 patients who had conservative lipedema therapy over several years. These patients were treated with liposuction in tumescent local anesthesia with vibrating microcannulas. Eighty five patients were re-evaluated via questionnaire. This was done in 2010, a mean of 3 years and 8 months following surgery, and in 2014, after a mean of 7 years and 8 months.

The findings of the study are interesting.

  • A considerable reduction of subcutaneous fatty tissue was noted among the patients.
  • According to the 2010 results, their spontaneous pain significantly improved or completely disappeared.
  • Sensitivity to pressure, edema, cosmetic impairment, bruising, and restriction of movement also improved.
  • Patients reported an enormous improvement in the quality of their life.
  • Most of them were able to reduce decongestive therapy.
  • According to the 2014 results, the improvements continued over time.
  • The mean overall impairment reduced significantly from “severe” prior to the procedure to “mild” at follow-ups.
  • No serious complications were observed following the surgery.

For almost 30% of the patients, conservative therapy was completely stopped. With similar applications, liposuction has improved its role from just a cosmetic procedure to being effective treatment for medical conditions that need a reduction in fat. With advanced techniques such as laser lipo using Smartlipo Triplex, the procedure blends safety with efficiency and offers an optimal outcome.

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